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      But I don’t have to dignify immature, incoherent ramblings from those who can’t be bothered to read what I actually posted with a response, no matter how much you may gaslight, kick and scream.

      That’s delusional, condescending and dismissive. You are speaking in a way that no one here has used with you.

      All I see is Rippa simps proving my point exactly. 

      I have not defended him in the least.  All I have done is question your motivation and asked from what position you are speaking from.  You are speaking of Rippa and his company personally like you know him and have worked there.  If that’s the case then your criticism is based on experience and your take would be worth entertaining.  If not, then you are talking out of your butt.

      Want to refute this post? Fine. Explain how Rippa HASN’T built a cult of personality where it’s not ok to criticize him, explain how he hasn’t utilized this entire community to manufacture his comic, explain how people don’t fall over themselves to tear down anyone with valid criticism, explain how these are well made comics with compelling characters.

      The floor is yours to actually argue any of the points I’ve made in this thread however you want, in this thread or elsewhere.

      No sir, that is not how discourse works.  We do not have to prove a negative.  You are lobbing the accusations so it is your responsibility to back those up with logic, evidence and some  level of establishment of your direct knowledge of the situation that you are speaking to.

      I can write pages of criticisms about Ferraris, how awful they are and how the Ferrari company has done nothing but harm the automotive industry and then I can even tell you how the current CEO of Ferrari is a terrible leader, runs his company poorly and that he is a total a-hole.  But if I have never owned, operated or even seen a Ferrari in person, then my accusations are founded upon nothing but what I might glean from afar.


      This is exhausting, but sure, I made a lot of claims, raised a lot of concerns, I’ll face the music and stand by these criticisms as you guys see them to be manufactured.

      And to be clear, I’ve also given the man credit where it’s due. He’s got conviction, he believes in himself, and he inspires others around him to share that vision while being a fantastic personality with great charisma.

      What do you guys feel are weak elements of my post? What facts or views specifically do you feel I am manufacturing simply to paint a bad picture of Mr. July because I don’t like him or am an agent of EVS or whatever?

      This is a complex situation spanning a long period of time, and involving a lot of individuals, so it would be impossible for me to frame these posts succinctly, so maybe if we just focus on a few elements that can be a better discussion and I don’t just keep throwing up massive walls of texts and we get lost in the weeds.

      Ok so a very succinct summation of why I posted all this: I’m a fan of geeks and gamers, I have a huge interest in the counter culture movement. I felt Eric July, though well meaning, is not contributing positively to this movement, though he is making large amounts of money. I would like to see Eric July fix several elements of his venture so he can contribute positively to the mediums he has criticized over the years, and be able to make more $$$ that gives products to the customers that everyone can be happy about. I feel Eric’s thin skin, and the culture of ring kissers that he has assembled around him is counter to him being able to grow as the head of the Rippaeverse and to be able to find and maintain and pay rare talent to be successful with these ventures, that he thus far has not knocked out of the park.

      This thread ended up both on Trashcast and Cobracast, and it was pretty damned exciting for me as a fan of both channels, so I did post with some excitement to this thread.

      I hope this gives a bit of insight into my weird behavior, posting endless and endless pages responding to these messages in this thread. And to be fair, I haven’t been needlessly replying to this thread it’s generally to replies that are accusing me of stirring the pot without any justifiable concern.


      All seems valid to me. Despite all the criticisms, let’s tabulate the winning. MegaCon looked great. Eric and crew showed up and put in work while others missed out and actually acknowledged that it was a mistake not to attend. Las Vegas meetup is coming soon. Hope it’s bigger than ever. Gary is putting out a free comic called “The Killing Woke” with Joker taking out Harley Quinn. The fellowship seems to be growing and accelerating.

      On the other side, EVS is sponsoring NASCAR at Talladega. There’s gonna be a Cyberfrog car. Wrapping a vehicle is a no-brainer.

      Would say any way you spin it, the movement can’t be denied. Salute to all of you.





      Very exciting times! I even heard Jeremy complimenting EVS on Cobracast today, talked about how he’s the only guy he’s seen on Timcast that was able to dominate the conversation. That’s progress right there, maybe those chickens in the chat wont have to be banned after all.

      I’m glad to see these guys being able to lighten up a bit and not see each other as monsters. And Gary just did his own little mini comic with art from the fandom, that’s f*cking awesome! This is exactly the sort of stuff we need to see! Start small, get people excited, learn production lessons along the way, find quality hard working passionate talent and figure out how to get smaller projects done to higher qualities until everyone’s ready to do larger projects.

      Jeremy, Rippa, EVS, and all the FNT crew are unique talents, would love to see them bury the hatchet as best they can and learn how to work together to make cool sh*t, entertain the audience, and sell them quality stuff. It’s nice to see maybe they’re becoming a bit more self aware. We’re all new to this emerging youtube scene, so everyone’s just kinda learning as they go. How to make comics, how to find good talent, how to not take things so personal, all that crap.

      I don’t think everyone is ever going to sit around and sing kumbaya, but it’s heartening to see these guys start to work towards building back those burned bridges.

      Appreciate the consistent optimistic and upbeat attitude, Comicsgate


        This is exhausting, but sure, I made a lot of claims, raised a lot of concerns, I’ll face the music and stand by these criticisms as you guys see them to be manufactured.

        If you cannot withstand the heat, then don’t start the fire.

        No one is asking you do to anything other than explain yourself and your basis of knowledge for the things you claim.  I have mentioned that multiple times and all you do is whinge about being questioned and shield yourself with assertions that anyone that questions you is a “Rippa simp” or there is something wrong with our thought process.

        If you know something via direct experience then have a pair and say it. Otherwise you are just expressing an opinion from afar and judging a man and his company from what you have gleaned off YouTube.  You are absolutely entitled to that opinion but it’s in the same giant bucket of millions of others who don’t know Eric July personally  or the innerworkings of his company.

        The world is bursting at the seams with people saying silly unfounded things for self advancement and anyone not doing that is absolutely sick to death of the ones who are.


        I don’t know what more you want me to do. I have explicitly stated that any point of information, or opinion you feel that I have unjustly I am willing to have a conversation about.

        In fact one thing I want to go back on was I said I didn’t see Eric go out of his way to help people. Eric built a team of very thoughtful and kind people, and I want to redact that bit of criticism.

        Also, I don’t agree 100% with your assessment that i’m just here trying to troll or generate controversy. Many of us gave Eric very valid criticism for some time in the spirit of wanting to help, in wanting to see him succeed. Over many months the atmosphere has deteriorated. That’s on all of us, it’s easy to let things deteriorate in online settings.

        I mean, I don’t know what more you guys want from me. You keep saying nothing I say has any value or is rooted in reality, so I try to go more in depth into the areas you feel aren’t well thought out criticisms, then you just say i’m pulling stuff out of my behind over and over again.

        If I say nothing, I’m dodging and being a hypocrite unable to take the heat. If I articulate my arguments I’m a weirdo who types walls of texts.

        What do you feel I am bullshitting you on? What point of information do you feel I have not properly understood or misrepresented?


          I don’t know what more you want me to do.

          I mean, I don’t know what more you guys want from me.

          What do you feel I am bullshitting you on? What point of information do you feel I have not properly understood or misrepresented?

          I am not sure how many more times I would have to type it.  I asked several times for you to explain the basis of your very personal and detailed criticisms.  You speak to things such that would take direct experience to have any sense of.  If you do then fine.  Let us know and we will take you seriously.  Otherwise you are shouting into the wind based on YouTube videos you watched.  You have deflected many times now so I am sure you will again and that’s fine but I think I have pretty much caused you to demonstrate you speak of things you know nothing of.

          Let’s go with an example just to close this loop because I am not posting to this again unless you can provide some foundation of your claims.

          In fact one thing I want to go back on was I said I didn’t see Eric go out of his way to help people. Eric built a team of very thoughtful and kind people, and I want to redact that bit of criticism.

          How do you know this?  Do you see what Eric July does?  Are you within his orbit such that you can see his actions beyond YouTube?  How do you know his team is very thoughtful and kind?  Do you know them?

          You are making VERY specific claims on a number of people that you could not have any idea about unless you know those people.  Do you work there?  Have you worked there?  Ok cool, then you know more than what most others know.  And if that’s the case the cop to it.  Otherwise no one is going to take this very seriously.



          I’m watching Kara Lynne on Valliant Renegade right now, a Rippa employee:

          Here are some videos on the rippaverse site about his team members, you can find more if you’re interested:

          They all seem like genuinly good people and all have had good things to say about eric, the Soska sisters had positive things to say at Megacon.

          I’m also blocked by Rippa on twitter as I have engaged with him and his community there. I’ve also given shit to EVS about his books, and he was as open to my feedback as much as Rippa was, but only one of these guys ended up blocking me.

          I use twitter a casual amount btw, i mostly go on there to see stupid crap in my timeline, I don’t generally engage in online drama or blast anyone in these communities with any nonsense. This is all common knowledge and gleaned at a glance.


            I asked about none of that.

            You are being critical of people as if you know them.

            You either do, or you don’t.

            If your entire span of experience is from YouTube, fine.  But then I suggest you stop speaking as if you know these people personally.

            You are free to say whatever you wish.  But unless you provide some sort of evidence as to why you say these things, then it’s just internet static in my opinion.

            No one would have said a word to you without the severity and personal accusations you made.  No one has an issue with those so long as you can provide a logical path between you and Eric July and company.


            I’ve done my best to justify my opinions. This is a nerd sphere, we have opinions on Nintendo, and Fortnite. I’ve never been to Japan, I have actually worked in the Unreal engine, but I’m not much of a fortnite player. People have opinions on political figures, and wars, and all sorts of things they see on TV or on YouTube. If anything, I feel like getting to see these guys live and on Youtube is a lot more real than a lot of the stuff pumped out of Hollywood, that’s why I engage in this stuff. The authenticity of it all.

            I don’t even know what we’re arguing about any more. I’ve done everything in my power to support my viewpoint and opinions. If that’s not enough for anyone, you’re welcome to not agree with me or feel as though I have a faulty opinion.

            If we only posted threads about people we knew personally or posted music for bands from people we know personally, or talked about shows we were supporting cast members of, no one would be able to post anything. These forums would be a dead wasteland.


            Ok, after seeing more of EVS’s behavior I’m starting to realize maybe EVS is even more of an ass than I thought, this feud is starting to just be vindictive and hold no value. I don’t know who to root for any more, maybe this whole scene is just doomed. If EVS had been the one to take over this scene, I’m starting to think we’d just have another kind of dysfunction, that of a total egomaniac jerk worse even than Eric. Oh well. Maybe Razorfist is able to get something going with the Iron Age, and maybe Razorfist shows some terrible personality flaw that dooms that venture too. I genuinely don’t understand why this is so hard to pull off, make cool shit, make a lot of money, empower other honest creators. Everyone is so petty.

            All that talk of “EVS doesn’t know what friendship is”, I was thinking it was a lie made up to cut the man down and justify Rippaverse, but maybe it’s actually true. Maybe EVS is just a cold hearted asshole who doesn’t have friends, only sycophants of his own.

            If anything, at least we’ve learned a lot about the human condition and the sort of human flaws that get in the way of creating these creative machines. Greed, ambition, revenge are all drivers for those who would attempt these ventures, and they often come with other character flaws like hubris, vanity, and spite, it creates these wonderous ascensions leading to inevitable, spectacular collapse.

            Weird time to be a fan. Everything is just crashing into the ground.

            It was cool to see Pierry Chan put a good bit of effort into nerdrotic’s “The Killing Woke”. Maybe we’re seeing the small rumblings of a whole new medium of comics combined with Youtube personalities. Who knows. At some point something great will come out of all this rubble.

            Quick little stealth edit: I don’t know what to think any more. Again, both sides have valid reasons to be angry at the other. Ethan’s rage could be construed as conviction for the medium. The FNT crew’s shutting out of EVS could be construed as decency towards a crazed narcisist that takes being able to draw frogs too far.

            I’ll say it again one last time, I hope these talented creators can get over themselves and learn to work together, because they could do amazing things with their powers combined and make a LOT more bank and make way more cool shit than any of them can do alone.

              • @IllTemperedTuna I genuinely don’t understand why this is so hard to pull off, make cool shit, make a lot of money, empower other honest creators. 

              One simple thing man. Ego. People let their ego’s get in the way. I’ve seen it time and time again. I guarantee you that if people in the “community” dropped their ego’s there would be much more unity. If people also stopped thinking of things as a “side”, that would help unify as well.

              It’s one thing I like about Jeremy aka DDAYCobra, he reminds people to be humbled constantly. I value that. I personally can’t stand ego’s. I don’t have one, and I don’t like being around it frankly. There is a difference between being successful with some pride in what you have accomplished, and being an asshole about it acting like everyone is beneath you being gods gift to humanity.

              Being honest, I have thought about starting up a YT channel and getting involved. I’d be good at it, I’ve been around, and I have quite a collection. Id’ be more on the Razorfist spectrum as I am a long time metalhead and goth. But, I am NOT a people person and I f*cking HATE drama. Every time I’ve stepped out of my shell, people have created drama or ruined the success I was going to have. For example, I was signed to a record label and was recording my album. Well, ANITFA came after me and ruined my life 13 years ago. So, I probably wont be doing the YT/Content creator thing.


              I worked in Portland Oregon for a bit, the “liberal” element there had a supremely negative impact on me professionally too. There’s a lot of drama related to this post, but I’d like to think I’m mostly advocating for these guys to get over the drama and just do right by the fans and each other.


                 There’s a lot of drama related to this post

                little girl fire-banner


                Yeah bro, we’re all above petty drama in these parts

                At this point it’s very much you stirring the pot and acting like a drama queen.

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