A Fully Vaccinated Woman Just Died After Testing Positive For COVID-19

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    A Fully Vaccinated Woman Just Died After Testing Positive For COVID-19 In Kitchener

    “This person’s death is a tragic reminder of the toll the COVID-19 pandemic is taking on families and the community,”…

    But did she really DIED from covid?  She was in her 90’s!

    “Death is a very rare outcome in fully immunized individuals.”

    Rare, but mathematically possible.  Afterall, it has been stated many times one can STILL get covid even with the jab.

    I encourage everyone … to remain vigilant. Members of the public need to continue to follow public health guidance and get immunized as soon as possible,”

    But this was also in a long-term care facility.

    …resident was only showing mild COVID-19 symptoms prior to her death.


    That does not mean she DIED of covid, just that at the time of death she tested positive… close enough to count I guess!


      This is no shock someone who got the Shot got the Coof.
      No surprise a 90+ year young lady past away from age

      As I ask a person my age, Do you ever remember being told get the flu shot after you had the flu? Reply NO!



        Well my condolences to that family and I pray that the Lord has mercy on that woman’s soul (we all need it).

        I have read many reports and testimonies of people who said they got the shot and got sick anyway. I think technically they don’t say the vaccine prevents it 100% but that thought process is out there anyway. I would imagine most people getting the shot thinks it’s a 100% preventative.


          2 words: fear mongering

          envy morons


          All they claim is that they are only 60-85% effective to minimize the severity of covid.

          4% of people still got covid two-weeks after their first shot, and…

          7% of people that needed hospitalization had gotten covid even after two-weeks since the first shot!

          So even fully vaxed, you still have a 10% chance of getting a variant.



          Ill skip the 60% chance of failure for the 99.85% recovery rate.

          I chose to not live in fear.


          More on fully vax’d.

          6 fully vaccinated people who attended an outdoor wedding caught the Delta variant

          Six fully vaccinated people who attended an outdoor wedding in Texas in April came down with COVID-19

          Well, as the vax is NOT 100% effected, some people can and will get Covid anyway.

          A preprint study from Baylor College of Medicine found that only one person who’d gotten an Indian-made vaccine, Covaxin, died after attending the 92-person wedding near Houston in April.

          6 got infected – 1 death.

          The wedding took place in a “large, open-air tent” … Everyone in attendance was required to be fully vaccinated.

          The study’s authors suspect that the Delta variant was introduced at the wedding by two people who had traveled from India and tested negative before their flight but developed symptoms in the US.

          So fully vax’d and a negative test does NOT equal infection free?

          All six guests who contracted symptomatic COVID-19 after the wedding were over 50. Two had gotten the vaccine from Pfizer, two had gotten the vaccine from Moderna, and two had gotten an Indian-made vaccine called Covaxin. Their infections were confirmed with lab tests and viral sequencing for Delta.

          What did they experience?

          Each experienced some common symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, fatigue, and body aches. Those who’d gotten the Moderna and Covaxin vaccines also lost their sense of smell.

          One Covaxin recipient and one patient who had Pfizer came down with more severe infections.

          So even with reducing the more severe infections, they still got severe infections!



            I just keep musing to myself how fast we keep getting the Greek Alphabet variants…. I cannot recall in my life so man versions of the flu mutating so fast. This thing sure seems to mutate at a SciFi Horror film level, you know the ones where it is made in a Lab and escaped.


            Wuhan Lab.

            And who is to say these variants were not lab created (only now being released a few months apart to keep the fear/lockdowns in place.)


              Make you wonder, doesnt it?


              So it’s exactly what happened with the Swine Flu but morons still line up for this vaccine like the sheep they are.

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