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    For those that are following the NFL closer than I am, with future Hall of Famer Arron Rodgers refusing to return to Green Bay (and turning down a contract that would have been huge, even by NFL standards), does it come down to the play selection during the 2020 NFC Conference Championship Game?

    Going for a field goal instead of trying to get a touchdown late in the game?

    Does it come down to what the Packer’s coaches choices that Rodgers wants nothing to do with them anymore?

    What do you NFL fans think is the main reason for this rift?


    And this trend of star QB’s having to end their careers in another city/franchise is getting tired.

    We have Brady.

    We HAD the same with Favre, Montana, Moon, Manning, etc.

    Is Rodgers next?  Or will this happen;



    Some say Rogers might retire rather than take the jab.


    I just don’t like the guy. He’s always been kind of a prima donna that whines about his situation, despite having pretty much always being on a solid team, that gives him a chance of winning a championship almost every year. I also never hear him own up for his performance when he fails to step up in a big spot. It’s always someone else’s fault.  The Packers were good enough to help him get deep into the playoffs last season and win an MVP award, but poor pissy little Aaron feels they are holding him back.

    I don’t have an issue with Brady because his contract was played out and he was a free agent. Also both him and the Pats wanted to part ways.  Rodgers however is still under contract to the Packers, was offered and fat pay raise, and he  is still being a selfish baby that’s gonna take his ball and go home.


    Most reports says it is about a lack of communication and understanding of where the franchise is, and wants to go (with or without Rodgers).

    Put to help protect the franchise, we now have shills wanting us to talk about something else… MONEY!

    NFL World Reacts To Aaron Rodgers Salary Demand Rumor

    Oh look!  A rumour to get people to put the blame on Rodgers.

    Throughout the ongoing spat between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, reports have indicated time and time again that the conflict hasn’t been about money. However, a new piece of information suggests that might not entirely be the case.

    Let the excuses begin.

    According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, a team that’s expressed interest in Rodgers believes the 2020 MVP wants to be paid $90 million fully guaranteed over the next two seasons. That amount would match the per year salary of Patrick Mahomes, which has become the benchmark for the top quarterbacks in the NFL.


    The Packers reportedly offered Rodgers a two-year extension this offseason, which would’ve kept him in Green Bay for the next five years and made him the highest-paid quarterback in football. However, he turned that down, casting further confusion on what he wants.

    So according to the Packers, it was NOT about the money, as he had turned that down.

    But these idiot writers want to start a rumour that it is.

    Can we get those ass-holes banned for misinformation? ! ?

    Seems only right, after all what the legacy media/social media platforms are doing.


    Well, we got this from Rodgers himself:

    Aaron Rodgers offers lengthy explanation for standoff with Packers

    The first thing he cited was the Packers’ treatment of numerous veterans the team let go. Rodgers said he had been left unhappy with how the Packers treated several “high-character veterans” on the way out. He even named names, citing the exits of Charles Woodson, Jordy Nelson, Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, James Jones, John Kuhn, TJ Lang, Bryan Bulaga, Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde.

    So as a business, you want them to treat people with kiddie gloves?

    Rodgers also said he was frustrated that the Packers did not use him more to recruit free agents. He cited the fact that Green Bay is not a huge destination city, and that many players who come do so to play with Rodgers and contend for a championship.

    And were you going to do this for free?  Or were you expecting to get paid extra for these additional services?

    But the big kicker is…

    The biggest issue Rodgers cited was the lack of consultation in major decisions, from players to free agents to roster moves. He said he felt he had earned the right to be viewed as more than just another player, and felt he deserved a say in key organizational decisions.

    Felt?  Felt he had “earned the right”?

    Who do you think you are?  A prima donna like the NBA’s James?


    Sorry Rodgers, but on this I have to side with YOUR employer.

    You are PAID to be their quarterback, not their assistant general manager.


    That you want winners on your team… Great, I understand that.

    But to say you earned a right to dictate to your employer WHOM they can sight, trade, release, etc.

    Sorry, but being frustrated with and demanding which players YOU want on their team are two different things.

    You are a future Fall of Famer, but in my eyes you have just diminished yourself with this attitude of entitlement.


    You could always talked to the coach or GM what you would LIKE so-n-so, but the needed you MUST be included in their business decisions.. Nope!  Not in your job description.


    Yep. That sounds like Rodgers.  I don’t think he understands how good he’s had it in Green Bay. So many teams in the NFL ( or pro sports in general) are crap year after year due to poor drafts, trades and signings.  It’s hard to build a team that is consistently good.  Rodgers can’t appreciate what he’s had to play with, he just stews over what he hasn’t had.


    Correct, he inherited a strong team from Brett Favre (and got to train/learn behind him for three seasons).

    In his 13 seasons in Green Bay as the starting QB, Rodgers has not had many losing season.  Only two (2008, 2018).

    Games starts: 190

    Win/Lose/Tie: 126−63−1

    He has twice as many wins as loses.

    Most would appreciate the talent and the teams he had, and not bitch about it.



    The holdout was about the fact that Rodgers had just signed a team-friendly extension, then right after the Packers traded up for a 1st round QB.

    Rodgers has a very high IQ and it wasn’t hard to figure out what the Packers were doing.  After drafting love, it became clear that the contract he was duped into signing was essentially his walking papers.  It basically guaranteed the Packers were planning to dump Rodgers in 2022 considering their cap situation.  Rodgers naturally didn’t like this, as he planned to spend his entire career in Green Bay, so he held out trying to rework his deal.


    Yep. That sounds like Rodgers.  I don’t think he understands how good he’s had it in Green Bay. So many teams in the NFL ( or pro sports in general) are crap year after year due to poor drafts, trades and signings.  It’s hard to build a team that is consistently good.  Rodgers can’t appreciate what he’s had to play with, he just stews over what he hasn’t had.

    Absolute nonsense.  When the Packers have been forced to be without Rodgers they’ve instantly become bottom of the barrel, as proved by their .275 record.

    Rodgers consistently carries mediocre teams to the playoffs, not the other way around.  If you want to see great teams carrying a QB to the playoffs, look directly at Tom Brady.  When forced to play without Brady, Brady’s teams still have a whopping .700 playoff caliber record.


    Thank you, Aaron Rodgers for standing up for yourself while everyone else succumbs to bullying and peer pressure. I respect Rogers more than Tom Brady just for his stance.

    I know that it is only one state, but California decriminalized giving people HIV blood. While they normalize the spreading of other diseases, they blame a guy, without any evidence, of giving vaccinated players a disease. Just an allegation. No supporting evidence and the entire media comes down on him.

    This is a quality I do not have but have always admired in others. If you can go into a room and a hundred people tell you that you are wrong when you know that you are correct and you don’t back down, those are the people we need. Those are the modern day heroes.

    The inept, unwatchable performance of the Chiefs and Packers is the direct result of the NFL adopting unnecessary pro-vaccine protocols.

    the NFL chose to create a stupid set of rules, then chose to prevent Rodgers from playing. And as a result, the entertainment product that they are selling suffered. This is an ugly, but accurate metaphor for what is happening all across the USA.


    People like Rodgers is a leader, not a blind follower.

    Based on the evidence/research he had, he made the best medical decision for his health.

    How can I protect my body, and those of my teammates, without taking a drug who’s long term side effects have not been reported and who’s drug makers have been given immunity for any liabilities for this drug.


    Well, the NBA has decreed that now jabbed players will have to continually receive booster shots to STAY in the league/get a paycheque.


    You are now slaves to big pharma.

    The NFL and other leagues will not be far behind.

    And with talk various players/leagues are looking at allowing recreational drugs into the games…

    … oh look.  It has been proven those taking recreational drugs do NOT perform as well as those who are drug-free, and to create a worse product, let’s ALLOW the players to be on DRUGS!


    I can see in the near future, a player HIGH on drugs, will file a lawsuit against the league/teams for allowing them to get hurt when they where in no position to play the game.

    Well, you can’t have it both ways, IMO.

    Is this what we really want?



    The drunk match!

    Just image this happening in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.

    But it was a legal substance I put in my body.


    Packers’ Rodgers fined $14,650, team docked $300K for COVID violations

    NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo says the player fines are for Rodgers and Lazard attending a maskless Halloween party.

    That was it?

    Yet we see politicians all the time going maskless.

    Rodgers … said he had followed all NFL COVID rules except one — not wearing a mask during press conferences. He said that rule did not make sense to him.

    He is maintaining physical distancing between himself and the reporters, and yet are within face-to-face while playing the game with other players?

    Does this make sense?


    Aaron did nothing wrong. Rogers has harmed no one.

    One of the Raiders just crashed his race car and killed a girl.

    Some people just died at a Travis Scott concert.

    You see actual death and real crime, but the entire media and corporate league is cracking down on Aaron Rogers. All of this is so out of wack. Herd mentality. The lemmings will go along with Max Kellerman or Howard Stern or anything the media tells them. One of the reasons I thought this site was cool was that some of the crew told Hollywood off. It’s so rare to see someone expose the dishonestly of the media and the machine.

    Did you see that weird kink story out of Austria, I think it was? They said if you get a shot of the genetic experiment modification, you can have your pick of a hooker in a brothel. How desperate is that? Is this something any man could buy into? They think you are diseased but will shag you if you get a vaccine? There is definitely something wrong here. Real men should stay away from both.



    Vienna brothel incentivizes vaccination after losing 50 per cent of its clientele

    A brothel in Vienna is providing covid-19 vaccinations and a 30-minute session with a ‘lady of their choice’ if they get the shot at the on-site clinic.

    I think you had to get the jab at their establishment, and then you get the pick of any of those practitioners of the world’s oldest profession and get a possible free STD/STI too.

    In a bid to encourage individuals to get vaccinated, a Viennese brothel is offering a free 30-minute session with a ‘lady of their choice’ in exchange for a jab at their on-site clinic. After losing approximately 50 per cent of its clientele due to the pandemic and lockdown measures throughout the year, Fun Palast is also allowing women and boys over the age of 14, provided they are accompanied by adults, to get vaccinated at the clinic.

    Who then gets the free 30-minutes?  The 14 year old boys?

    And what of girls 14 years and older?  Do they get the free 30-minutes, or their dads?

    The Age of Consent in Austria is 14 years old. The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity.

    Get them started on using the world’s oldest profession, and create live long customers, eh?



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