Actor Complains About Not being Cast As Superman’s Grandpa

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    … Ok SJWs, before you open your mouths and “reeeeeeeeeeeeeee”, ask yourselves this, would you be ok with casting a white man as Black Panther’s grandpa??


    I want to see Henry Cavill play Storm in the next X-Men film🤣!


    capoo laugh gif


    I just want to see Emilia and Jason back together. They have great chemistry onset.
    Be even better if in Aquaman 3 they have a kid below the moon and stars.

    Now as to the original topic. Could you imagine if they made George Jeffersons dad White, or Archie Bunkers mom Black we can go on and on. This is my bottom line, DON’T FUCK WITH CANNON!!!!! You want to have a weird woke series, fine build your own Universe and Characters stop messing with ones we all know the true back history of.


    They make everything about race, while at the same time telling you that it has nothing to do with race. An example of double-speak and gaslighting. It’s one thing to race swap or gender swap characters to try to get a new character than may or may not work but it’s another thing to exhibit genetic and gender falsehoods, like there is more than two genders or that two white parents can have a dark child or two dark parents can get a light one. That gets into brainwashing territory such as 2+2=5, so when you see that, you need to recognize that as a technique to get you to think and speak falsehoods. I don’t know how many generations it would take to change phenotype though, so I have to be upfront about that.


    Back in the day, I wouldn’t have minded the gender/race swapping of the character as it was always down to the right person for the job. Now, it’s getting annoying because it’s so frequent and feels like tick-boxing.

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    I recall when they cast Michael Clarke Duncan to play Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin in the Movie Daredevil (2003).

    He was perfectly cast, and displayed the charisma and charm and nastiness that was Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin.  No other actor at the time could have made this part as great as he did.


    I had no problem with this role and the actor FIT the character.

    They found the BEST actor for the role, pure and simple.


    Now this snowflake does not fit the role, and automatically calls it race/discrimination.

    I am so tired of these entitled morons.



    I want to see Jackie Chan play Joan of Arc and set it in the 1800s lol jk 😂😀

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