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    I was surprised that no one made a thread on this. Comments from fans said that it reminded them of Metal Slug.

    New World Order Wars, which seems like it may have been inspired by Broforce, has astonished all who’ve come across it so far, for better or worse. The game features Jones fighting rainbow frogs as well as villainous versions of the Clintons, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros on his quest to free children. At certain points, Donald Trump appears behind Jones wearing a Superman costume.

    The game retails at $17.76 for roughly 40 minutes of gameplay. It launched about two weeks ago, but awareness of the game has increased recently after YouTubers like Asmongold got their hands on it.


    There is a scene where Joe Rogan appears as a Centaur.


      I was thrilled for this.  I happily gave my $17.76 to download this game.  After I did I realized it was not a download even though they mentioned how many downloads they have.  This is only access to a browser game.  $17.76 for a browser game you cannot posses is ridiculous.  If they mentioned that ahead of time I would have been OK with it but they obfuscated that fact.

      I found out quickly you cannot request a refund as there is no one to contact nor any support.  I tried a few emails I found with no success.

      I disputed the charge with my bank and got a refund.

      I am happy to support such an effort but lying about it is not right regardless of who you are.

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      Good feedback.


      The game idea is extremely interesting 

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