All Sony need to do is….

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    Stop bending the knee to the woke!


    They need to get rid of Drukkman if they want to save Naughty Dog! Absolute necessity!


    They need to stop allowing Sony Santa Monica making/giving ‘girls/female’ only courses… it doesn’t promote inclusion, your courses are based on/promote exclusion!  Get rid of Barlog and co! He was a writer on GoW2 and now people are treating his woke ass like some sort of messiah for GoW ps4? ive got news for you, it wasn’t all that, it was decent, thats about it! GoW 3 and GoW Ascension are better games with better story


    Ive always been a huge Playstation fan. I hold Microsoft to the highest regards, always have since Windows launched. Never owned and have no intention of owning an Xbox though. PC, Playstation, Nintendo.

    When Windows launched,  games on PC were far far better than anything else. They were years ahead of console standards. Playstation launched, with a few exclusives and they changed the game, even though 3rd party run far better on PC, graphics, frame rate, save anywhere/no memory cards needed etc. I truly believe if Playstation hadn’t launched Microsoft would of bought Nintendo. Nintendo have only just been hanging on.

    Its Sony/Playstation who have kept the pressure on Microsoft, and Playstation is the only reason Xbox was ever launched. I was always thankful to Playstation for keeping the throttle on innovation, creating phenomenal universes and experiences.

    For the first time in my life i fear for the future of Playstation games and im not looking forward to them. Absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft buying this or that. Its the fact Playstation have allowed the woke to take over some of their best studios.


    Why save naughty dog?

    Let them go broke, as they have already gone woke?




    Make games and stop pandering to people who are not going to buy your games. Agenda politics does not make you money, quite the opposite, it makes you lose money.

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    Personally I’m agreeing with the Amazing Lucas 100% on this one. He even covers Jeremy’s (imo bad) take at around 3:40 into the video. Sony and other companies are always going to pander and jump on bandwagons even tho they have no actual intress in it, so snowflakes should stop crying. The voice chat recording thing is a catastrophe but the BLM theme outrage is just ridiculous. Don’t like/support it, don’t dowload it. They’re not shoving it in our faces. Same with the alphabet community theme they had a while back.

    Like Lucas said, same goes for all the 4th of July discounts, offers etc. They don’t really care, they put them out because that’s what’s on people’s lips at that time and it gains attention. You know, life is easier if you don’t reeee and get outraged at everything. Jeez, sounds like I’m giving advice to crazy SJWs.


    The angry guy crying at 7:30 always gets me.



    Wow, Lucas absolutely throwing shade att Jeremy here. He’s not wrong tho…


    We should all throw shade at Jeremy.

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