Angry Joe Cancelled?

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      I just seen this accusation about Angry Joe. She seems full of shit to me


        Excerpt from the accuser:

        “I immediately say I can’t and have to go. He then reminds me not to tell anyone because it would ruin his reputation and mine as well. Some people came outside and asked if we were okay and I say yes and run inside to grab my purse.”

        The confusing thing to me is that by her own account, nothing sexual happened. So what is the charge, exactly?  Now, I’m trying to keep an open mind because I don’t know Joe personally, but a lot of the things she claims Joe said to her sound entirely out of character with the persona on his AJS YouTube channel. If this is defamation,  as this tweet here suggests, I hope Joe counter-sues.


          Confirmed, by her own tweet.  Nothing happened.

          ashley tweet


            Never trust a purple haired feminist


              Remember when they tried to cancel Jontron for what he said and interacting with people like Sargon of Akkad? He didn’t allow it to happen and his channel is still going strong with quality content. With that I want to say, it’s on Joe if he lets this shit get him cancelled or not, most get cancelled because they don’t fight it, or even apologize and admit their guilt, Joe seems to fight it for now.


                Every fucking time with these people, talk bullshit, get rightful backlash, whining about it and leaving Twitter for a while.


                Don’t trust any woman with different-colored hair, and she’s not cosplaying period.


                I don’t even like Angry Joe and I know this is total bullshit.  I saw the video Mr. H did on the topic.

                I find it kind of odd that Angry Joe gives TLOU2 the review it deserves now suddenly he is #metoo one fucking day later.

                Come on now.  This is bullshit.

                And it only hurts the real women who are abused by toxic assholes.  But in our current climate you can freely make any false allegation and not face any real consequences for such horrible actions.

                The little girl who cried wolf.

                I have seen no evidence that would make me think Joe acted badly here.  All I see are a bunch of Salem like mobs burning the modern witch.

                It is sickening.


                It’s hunting season boys. BLM were taking too much attention away from feminazis, so they started to come out again hunting.

                Last week it was that comedian that had his netflix special recently.

                We’ll start to see many new accusations again everyday against different (successful) guys. Be warned.



                Ffs, the guy hit on her. The moment he jumped in the shower, if it was that big of a problem for her, there was literally nothing stopping her from running out the door. INSTEAD, she decides to stay and then spend the rest of the evening with him. From that moment on, it was 100% on her.

                It’s called personal responsibility. She even admits that he didn’t force her to do anything. She made the decision to go all by herself. What makes it even worse is that she’s a Marine Corps veteran. She can’t handle herself? She couldn’t make the grown-up decision to just leave? I could rant for hours on this malarkey that is beyond the pale, but why bother. These women will never be held responsible for their OWN actions.

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                  He has some views and takes I think are pretty stupid but this is just fucked up.
                  I subscribed to him just to show support.
                  I think he’ll be fine, though. I feel like most of his audience is core gamers that have no interest in cancel culture nonsense.


                    Joe’s response:

                    Statement from Angry Joe


                    Why do they always default to “real victims”? Men that are falsely accused ARE real victims.


                      Very good point.  I agree.

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