Anime music part 5

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    This guy was so badass he could melt all the flesh from your bones in a single attack. Not even the main villains of the series would dare take him one-on-one in a fair fight:

    “I must say… It was quite a surprise to be able to gain access to the Captain-General’s private room, his office, this easily. Have you no fear of assassins?”
    “I have nothing to fear. I am here. There is no greater security than that.


      Can’t belive there’s only 2 more episodes of Attack On Titan left!


      @DigiCat There’s still 2 whole volumes left of content after the Final Season Part II ends, so there will probably be either a Part III or a movie detailing the final 2 volumes.


      This brings back so many memories. When the Bleach cast just exploded and its world became a universe. I loved early Bleach but the Gotei 13 certainly secured its popularity.

      “Die to eliminate a great evil: That is the credo of the Thirteen Court Guard Companies.
      ~ Shigekuni “Genryūsai” Yamamoto, Gotei 13 Captain-General, Captain of the 1st Division





        I’m going on vacation 🥳😎🌴


        @DigiCat Cool! Where are you going?


        Started watching Code Geass last week. Loving it so far.


        Spy x Family is KILLING it with the music!

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        Started watching KonoSuba, and the OP surprisingly slaps.


        Here’s some music from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Watched Season 1 a few weeks ago, will begin Season 2 soon.


        Personally not my kind of thing, but I can appreciate the effort that went into this and it suits Grimmjow to a tee.


          434/1053 episodes watched of Detective Conan

        Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 185 total)
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