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      Thought it’d be cool to have a sorta playlist for everyones favorite anime music :3 Original music, dubbed music, any language, or even backround music from your favorite battles! I really love Digimon and have been listening to a lot of it’s music lately, but i won’t clog up this thread on the first day :P And i’ll try to add some veriaty to what i post ;P In the meantime, lets start with a classic, for Digimon, enjoy ;3

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      The english op of digimon makes me so frustrated. Butterfly by Koji Wada is in my opinion in the top 5 GOAT anime openings, and that’s probably why I dislike the english op so much. They changed a banger opening to a very generic sounding opening

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      Butterfly, full version. @SuperSoynic_Speed this song’s great! Actually been listening to it on repeat, also like the Digimon Tri versions. The english Digimon op might be very simple, but it holds a lot of good memories for me :)

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        original video i posted got taken down

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      Ton of music to put on this list but still this is my favorite


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      Off-key beat

      Lyrics that have nothing to do with the story

      Poor engrish grammar




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        If you right-click on video, go to “copy video url” and patste it here the video’ll come up on your post instead of link. Learned that from @Roas

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          I’ll keep that in mind next time, thanks. Can’t seem to edit the post now, for some reason. :/

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      mine would have to be this

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      Get ready to Digi-evolve 😺

      Original version

      Tri version

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      White Reflection from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz has to be among my all-time favorite tracks from an anime. This is a really great AMV a YouTuber made a few years back for it. Enjoy!

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        Yes! Gundam Wing had solid music. Just Communication was catchy, White Reflection is one of my favorite songs and Last Impression was good, however not as good as White Reflection.


        Rhythm emotion was a bit weird, as the opening changed only 9 episodes before the end and it seems like it was an insert song which they made into an opening. I’ve heard it as an insert song in many episodes before it became the op, and the op version kind of cuts off out of nowhere which is a sign that it wasn’t originally meant to be an opening

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      This reminds me. I have the original soundtrack CDs for nearly every LEIJI MATSUMOTO production. Captain Harlock, Emeraldas, Galaxy Express, etc.

      I think I paid 50$ a piece for them over a decade ago, there must be 12 or 13 of them all. I forgot I had them. They must be worth a small fortune now.


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      i have so many amazing songs to put on this list but for now ill just do one

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        Thanks @ArcticVixy for sharing these songs, i loved them! Could you please tell me a bit of what these animes are about? Really want to try watching them now

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          Overlord-  Its a Isekai series but the main is the dark overlord trying to live up to whom he “Should be”


          Black Clover-  Magic fantasy Shōnen series with to me feels very classic styled lead very unique world/powers.

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            Thanks! Can’t wait to watch them :3

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      OP Digimon Adventure 02. This one’s probably my favorite out of the japanese songs for the Digimon Adventure series :3

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      Magical Girl Madoka Magica has one of the best sound tracks. Especially for the final fight between Homura and Walpurgis.

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        Not really my kind of music, cool fight scene though, the transformation reminds me of Pretty Cure

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      One of the few “girly” animes i watched as a kid

      Mostly ’cause of these cuties <3

      mepple, mipple, pollun 2

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        Speaking of Precure…I started with Heartcatch Precure…mostly because of Nana Mizuki-san

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          HeartCatch Pretty Cure used to be on TV when i was in high school, one of my classmates nicknamed me Chypre 😄


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      Gonna shill for Berserk again (will try to move on to another anime next time, I promise).

      There are so many awesome soundtracks in Berserk (even in the 2016 anime), but this is just one song I keep coming back to. It would’ve been so easy to give Guts a typical ‘badass’ song (well, he is. And I’m all for giving him a badass theme: He’s a monster that eats monsters). But this song just so perfectly encapsulates the core of his character and the essence of Berserk’s story. A man of no ambition to speak of, he endures the harsh cruelty of the world and takes pride in his own humanity, in spite of everything. Guts is the quintessential anti-hero: He represents the ferocity of the human spirit, leads by example, lending his strength to others and shows them how to stand on their own two feet. He understands better than anyone how life is suffering but you must continue marching forward. For he is the struggler.

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        Mission accomplished 👍 video shows up on forum 😺

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      Seems like today i’m gonna take a very short break from Digimon, so here’s an anime with some badass female superheroes! Woke MSM, watch and learn 😁

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      (Instrumental version)

      When people assumed this song was about Ymir but it was actually about Ymir.

      Attack on Titan has become one of the best shounen titles since Fullmetal Alchemist. Honestly, it’s third and final act has been more like a seinen manga. This how you do politics in a story correctly: Expressions of human will and violence as different tribes have to compete for autonomy/domination and everyone suffers as a consequence. Far more nuance than the heavy-handed messaging in most western media these days.

      Everyone in this story deserved better.

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      Guess my Digimon break’s been extended, thanks @FallenOmegaStar for mentioning Full Metal Alchemist, brought back a lot of memories. When i was in middle school Full Metal used to be on TV at like 1am, multiple episodes, and i’d binge them all, on school nights 😁 Result, i had a lot of good sleeps in class 😂😴

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      To be honest…there’s a lot of Anime that I have in my Playlist.  Including ones that I have yet to watch. But…some of them are a bit old. Like the ones below.

      However I will say this…Yuki Kajiura is a genius. I have listened to her style in a few anime and an OAV. (dot hack, Le Portrait de Petite Cossette (psychological horror), Kara no Kyoukai to name some). I’ll post it maybe later tonight or tomorrow



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      I love this show more than the original since it sticks more to the manga. This song makes me go through emotions and shit, enjoy.

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      This one is such a banger and fits the theme of the show (like pretty much every AoT op), but this one is just so intense


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      Watched the original Pretty Cure before going to school in elementary school, watched HeartCatch Pretty Cure after school in high school 😁 Guess some things never change

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      Digimon Frontier, i want to say that it’s my favorite Digimon season, but at the same time i don’t want to compare it to Digimon Adventure. Frontier was my introduction to Digimon, so it holds a special place in my heart. Just finished re-watching it a couple of weeks ago, and learnt that even after having watched it so many times that i remember the whole season off by heart, the ending still makes me cry my f***ing eyes out 😭

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      Had a friend years ago recommend an anime to me, being big into the medieval genre, this anime is a mix of medieval, modern and isekai if you could classify it as that. anyway I really enjoy the Op for the first season, and after watching the show in its entirety, made me go back and read the manga, which had a bit of a slowdown due to the author dying, but its still going now. That anime is Gate,

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      Sorry double post

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      i wanted to get it to where the actual video is in the message but it wasnt working so its just the link sorry.

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      One of the coolest thigns about Digimon Frontier’s that the Digi-destined get to turn into Digimon themselves 🤩 I remember watching the show at 4 years old dreaming about being able to Digi-evolve, those were good times… … Who am i kidding, i still want to turn into a Digimon 😁

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      Digimon Frontier evolution themes, only audio. Wanted to post the videos of the full versions, but they contain major spoilers and i don’t want to ruin the show for anyone who might want to watch it 😸

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      Few more of my favourite AoT/SnK soundtracks:

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      I never get tired of this song.

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      Here’s my second favorite anime, Detective Conan, to state the obviouss, i wanted to be a detective as a kid after watching this 😺🔎 This one’s my favorite OP of the series, and as i was searching for this on youtube, i came across a top 100 Detective Conan OP/end songs, guess now i know where to go once i run out of Digimon songs to post ;P

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        you really love south park


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          I havent been watching since ’98 because I dont like it. haha
          It uses the ludicrous to express the obvious.
          It’s one of the few pieces of entertainment that understands what true equality is.
          I might make a post sometime, going into detail why I feel South Park is the best TV Show ever made and how the world would benefit from listening to it’s core messages.

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        laughing rocket

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        @Kenny_Cartman, i found the lyrics video 😹😹

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      This opening has an interesting mix of electronic techno and brutal heavy metal screamo. And it´s perfection. Furthermore, the lyrics are mostly in engrish, which is always some good shit in anime music👌


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      heres another one of my favorites, the goku ssj3 theme is amazing. i put the link to the song itself and a vid of the actual scene, i suggest you watch both because the context of the moment and his screams as he transforms goes well with the song.



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      My favorite song from Digimon the Movie, wich i’m gonna re-watch tonight 🤩

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      Underrated anime.

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      Satsuki Kiryuin is, probably, my favorite Anime character.

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      This song is just fun.

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      The opening to Rideback is a favorite of mine.

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      As far as I can recall, the Macross Frontier VOCAL COLLECTION Nyan Tama was the first anime album I went out of my way to import.

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      15 years after watching it for the first time, Digimon the Movie’s still one of the best anime movies i’ve ever seen 😸

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      The moment when Historia became one of the best characters in AoT and just how well earned that scene was. Isayama’s timing is impeccable, and Wit Studio deserve credit for treating the source material with the respect it deserves.

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      No Game no life

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      Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I was too young to remember much of the original Yu-Gi-Oh when i first watched it, so i really got into the series with GX. As a kid i really wished my scchool was as crazy and adventurous as Duel Academy 😁 I would’ve definitely been a Slifer Red if i went to that school 😹

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      (Full version)

      (English cover)

      Gintama is amazing. It knows how ludicrous some tropes in shounen anime are but it revels in the ridiculousness of it all. Give it a watch if you haven’t already.

      (0:30 – The Wicked Landlady of the East!)

      (1:11 – “What’s with the Popo duck?!” ~ My friend, when I showed him this anime).

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      Shame on me fore forgetting this one Gundam Soldiers of Sorrow

    • #178661

      Before i go Digimon mad again, here’s my favorite of the japanese OPs from Yu-Gi-Oh GX

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      Digi-destined singing Butterfly 🎵

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      Fullmetal Alchemist has some great soundtracks from both FMA03 and Brotherhood, but if I had to pick between the two I’d say Akira Senju’s score is the more emotionally-resonant, augmenting the increasingly-rising stakes of the plot as it heads towards the conclusion. Excellence in its own class.

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      Well, for me I will ALWAYS post this beautiful tune first because it’s just that dang good!

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      Digimon Adventure 02 has some cool character songs sung by the Digi-destined and Digmon 🎵 This one’s my favorite

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      Really like this song, plays at the end of the 20th Detective Conan movie

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      Spent some time on the Sonic The Hedgehog thread, thought i’d re-post some music from Sonic X on here, i grew up watching this show. Thanks  @FallenOmegaStar for shearing the japanese OP, it’s super cool 🦔



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      this song gets my heart beating, i just remember the moment when vageta while exhausted refused to quite and stood to jiren to the end

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      I haven’t watched a lot of anime, but I really like Another, and it’s opening is a banger if you’re into horror music.

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        Bah, terrible pun. Ignore this post.

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            I made a macabre joke in poor taste and it didn’t really work, either. There’s no function to delete a post, so I just edited it out.

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      Opening and Ending songs from the original Hellsing 2001 TV series:

      This series could be rough around the edges, but it’s a flawed gem. The music is criminally underrated.

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      Frontier Digi-destined singing Fire!! 🎵

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      I wouldn’t be a Dragon Ball fan if I didn’t post these classics:

      It’s a crime against God that Unmei no Hi wasn’t in Kai.

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      One of my favorite songs from Digimon Frontier, this music also plays in the backround of Koichi/Lowemon’s battles, he has some of the coolest fight scenes in the series

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    • #180066

      Another of my favorite Digimon Frontier songs, Koji/Lobomon’s character song, he’s also my favorite Digimon character. It’s kinda ironic, the Digi-destined who becomes the legendary warrior of light’s song has the darkest theme/lyrics

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      Gettin’ some JoJo vibes, picked a track from each part in the original “vampire trilogy.”

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      My record of posting Digimon music here’s 4 post in a row, and i promise i’ll try not to beat that record ;P Before i put my Digimon madness on pause, here’s some of my favorites from the Digimon Frontier soundtrack ;3

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      Found One Piece Gold on BluRay on sale a while ago, the song that plays at the end’s cool ☠

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      Susumu Hirasawa’s music will always be the embodiment of Berserk’s spirit to me, but Shiro Sagisu’s contributions deserve recognition.

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      This one is a classic.

      • #180641

        My favorite Dragon Ball character 🐱


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      3rd place on my anime podium goes to Zatch Bell ⚡ To put things in perspective…

      … this is how much of a superfan i am 🤩



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      More Digimon 😸 1st ED of Digimon Frontier

    • #180916

      Before my next Digimon break, here’s the 2nd ED from Digimon Frontier

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      1, 2, 3, 4 post in a row, all me, huh, it’s getting kinda lonely here…

      Ah well, i’m happy today, ’cause i’m gonna start my re-watch of Fullmetal Alchemist 😸

      To celebrate, here’s the full version of the first OP

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      I’ve personally been back at work: Don’t have much time to browse YouTube, anymore (also, this thread’s been going for a bit. Some people may be just a bit tired and don’t want to keep posting a new song every day. I’ve also noticed this webpage is starting to get slow a bit due the number of embed videos. It might be discouraging people and we could end up breaking the thread at this rate).

      Anyway, this is one song I’ve kept meaning to post:

      Dan Dan Kokoro

      Dragon Ball GT is pretty divisive amongst the fandom, and I certainly have my issues with it. But I think it also had a number of redeeming factors that were worthy additions to the Dragon Ball franchise, and this song is one of them.

      • #181211

        Thanks for letting me know about the slow loading, i’ve actually noticed it slowing down over time but wasn’t sure if it was happening to everyone or if it was just my crappy internet 💩💻 Been thinking of maybe making a part 2 for this reason

        Also, love this Dragon Ball song 🐲

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      Space Dandy, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, and Neon Genesis Evangelion all have great music.






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      This thread’s starting to have some trouble loading due to the amount of videos posted on it, so if you want to share more of your favorite anime music, please post it on part 2

      Thanks to everyone who helped make this such an awesome playlist <3

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