Any Killer Instinct fans?


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    Downloaded Killer Instinct 2013 on Game Pass, and I’m stoked to finally play it.  I’ve heard it’s a pretty beloved fighting game, and it’s a series I’ve never gotten into.  What’s the consensus around here on it?  And is the online community still fairly active?


    KI 2013, is a very solid fighting game. Once you get the hang of the basic combos, you will have a blast. The visuals may not be up to mk 11 standards , but in my opinion, the game handles far better.  I believe there is a twitch tournament for KI coming soon, being held by Maximum Dood.


      I dont know how popular it is but I think it’s a really fun game.
      It’s nowhere near as good as stuff like MK11 or Tekken 7, but it’s still a good time.


      Hoping to see a sequel soon.  I think it’s a great fighting game franchise that needs to come back again.


      I’m an OG fan of the Super Nintendo..never played that 1 due to being mostly a Playstation dude. So I say a solid series


      Killer Instinct was such an awesome game. I was never good at it but remember watching the older kids at the arcade being incredible at it.


      Was a fan back in the day.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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