Any movies that are better than the book?

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    It’s not better, but it’s just as good, Generation Kill. I’ve never read a book that is so close to the TV series as this book. There are literally only one or two scenes in the book that aren’t in the TV series and what’s missing isn’t important.

    Yeah, I know, you asked for movies, but this series is just so good and so close to the book that it deserves a mention.


    Ben Hur (1959)

    The novel written by Lew Wallace, the first half of the book/some 300 pages deals with the three wise men meeting in the desert and their reasons for following the Star.

    Super dry reading.

    Luckily the movie only spent the first three minutes on the wise men.


    Jurassic Park.

    Chrichton has great ideas, bit his writing is dry and doesnt convey the same rain-soaked ferocity of a t-rex eating a guy off the John.


    Anything by Philip K Dick is better as a movie. He is not a very engaging writer. He is more of an idea-writer if that makes sense.


      What, nobody’s going to bring up Ready Player One? Not to knock Ernest Cline, but the original book wasn’t really much to read. The movie did a good job taking that story and emphasizing it more, as well as adding pop culture references that resonate much better with the audience (The Shining, Mobile Suit Gundam, etc.). Hopefully Armada and Ready Player Two follow suit.


      vampire’s assistant is a bad movie but still better than the books ,i literally burnt them after reading they where the most disturbing and waste of time things i have ever read and this is supposed to be for kids .  “”  and i did try and give them them away(yes push some depresion on someone else :) ) but sadly i am the only one that reads(books) in my circle of friends.


      i liked the book a lot better


      Late reply here but this is worth noting.

      CS Lewis, as most know or should know, wrote Narnia as allegory to help explain Christianity.

      However, when you say it was written for children, remember, the average 12 year old in the US is more literate than like 90% of adults when CS Lewis wrote Narnia. There were tremendous gains in education from WW2 era and forward due to the rise of the middle class. The same is largely true in most first world nations. People in our modern world seem to either have forgotten or never knew that we are essentially living in the Golden Age of humanity. Even 50 years ago things sucked compared to now.

      CS Lewis wrote Narnia with the targeted literary levels of the majority of the people. We just call that “child like” now.

    Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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