Any Robotech/Macross fans in here?


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    I was just wondering if anyone heard about the news about that franchise.





    Really loved this show at one time. Like a space soap opera, but for kids. I tried to get into the books, but only read one. The author Jack McKinney and the summaries of the plots are available on Amazon and there are some good comments.


    this franchise is made for Zach Snyder imo. The shit is dark af.


    What a great idea. Zach Snyder  for RoboTech, WarHammer, or Dune would be great. I guess that new Dune director  Denis Villeneuve already wants to move on, which is a weak move and shows lack of conviction and commitment. All of this makes me appreciate Peter Jackson more. You are right about Zach Snyder. Geez, what fools they are at DC not to empower that guy and give him control.

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      Macross is my shit!
      I cannot WAIT for official licensed blurays in the west, assuming the place isn’t on FIRE.
      Hopefully Delta gets a dub. I already have the imports and don’t need a second sub only set.

      Flashback 2012 was legally loaded onto YouTube as the first step in the new agreement. There are no subs, but hey, its really a music video anyway


      If its giant robots, I’m down.


      Although I prefer Battle tech/mechwarrior and MS Gundam.


      Space Dimension Fortress Macross is my favorite mecha series of all time, if that counts. Nice to see Macross won’t be Japanese exclusive anymore but seeing as how the West ruins anything they touch, I wonder if it’s too late. Luckily, I don’t watch dubs anyway so nobody can ruin Macross Frontier for me.


        I really wanna see a legit Frontier series release on BluRay. I wanna see 7 too, but Basara is a bit of a hippie and hard to root for.


        Macross Zero went hard too..


        Out of Gundam, 8th mobile suit is probably my favorite series because its grounded.

      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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