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    It was pretty bad.  I can’t say much of anything appealed to me.  One thing I did notice is every time anything was even conceivably woke, people were typing “woke,” or joke game titles (e.g. “Wokeout 76,” “The Elder Wokes,” etc.) in chat. Every visible minority. Every female lead. Every questionable costume. So basically, every game shown.  It was obvious enough to seem like a general trend of fed up fans.


    Microsoft are committing financial suicide with this. Sony has already beaten them with the PS5 (again), has better exclusives, and if Microsoft now goes woke, the xbox will finally be dead in the water.



      Good points man.  They have put themselves behind Sony with some poor decisions in my opinion and going uber woke would be another poor decision especially if Sony takes the opposite tact.


        They used the same imagery/graphics they used last year. The same utterly annoying “woomp….shoom” sound for every….single….intro to a video. I absolutely am SICK of that sound being used for EVERYTHING now. All the music is the same too. Bang clash….woomp, clock ticking or sutle clipping sound, etc. It’s literally driving me mad having to hear it in everything now days. I am SOOOOO tired of it. Give us back the old trailers with actual music and the guy saying “Coming Soon to the Theatre near you….etc etc” I hate modern trailers.

        The first few games were female leads. And then the announcer came on and it was a female. Clearly that was done on purpose.

        And what…in…the…hell was that…thing for the character you are to play as in Fable? Was it a guy in woman’s clothes? It/she/him was UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Like,. car door to the face ugly.

        I’ll wait to see what the new Star Wars game is tomorrow at the Ubisoft broadcast where they so ACTUAL game footage and not stupid CGI trailers that are frankly pointless imo.

        The Starfield stuff was admittedly cool, but I am skeptical to see if they actually pull off what they are promoting. The other issue is, I don’t have a Xbox Series X. Xbox lost me in the Xbox One era, they haven’t improved with Series X. I really don’t feel like buying a $500 console just to play one game. I honestly think that will become an issue. Many people have PS5’s (like me) and don’t feel to buy a console just to play one game.

        So, out of nearly two hours all I cared about the Starfield, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II (because I have the first game on my PS) , Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (which I can thankfully get on my PS5), Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, and the new Star Wars Outlaws game.

        Sony has won this gen and last gen for many reasons. Xbox thinks that buying up game studios will save them….it wont!


        I just finished watching the Xbox Showcase, and it was incredible! The introductions and game lineup were fantastic. Microsoft has outdone themselves yet again with their next releases.

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