Apex Legends. Legends Never Die????


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    I’ve been taking a lot of breaks from this game. Each longer than the last. I would say that I’m dangling on this game cause I want it to be good but I’m quickly reminded why I’m so over it every time I start playing again. I equate it to gambling cause you will have a great experience and then you chase that high but as the saying goes. The house always wins. I feel that Season 6 will be the reason I finally, officially let go. There’s a number of issues I have with the game nowadays but I will just focus on one because I believe this new character (Rampart) coming out will emphasize the issue. This particular issue is campers, especially G7/Hemlok spamming campers. This new character’s abilities include a turret, and barriers/shields that improve outgoing bullet strength so given my long preamble you can understand what concerns I have. I don’t know if they are thinking that it will improve tournament play as far as more intense finishes or what but in my opinion it is gonna make Pubs & Ranked a nightmare. I’m the type to push fights, and my mentality has always been what’s the worst that can happen, I die and play another game but I’m gonna try to have fun while I’m at it. The thought of fortified campers that can deal massive damage does not sound fun at all. Or multiple squads bunkered down with the other camping Legends like Caustic. Yeah, fuck all that. They nerfed Pathy/Wraith escapability and then decide on a this style of new character. Not a fan and I think that it will be the end of Apex as a top BR game. Thanks for reading my thoughts on this particular topic


    Also scope out my first video edit. I posted a link. Wish it posted the video too but that’s alright

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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