Are we but a train accelerating off a cliff of no return?

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    What are your thoughts on the matter as it relates to economic and social things? Is it the end of the world or can we turn it around? I believe things are accelerating both good and bad.



    I think there is something new in this current situation, or set of situations, that makes it different than anything that could have happened until very recently in history. Perhaps it’s mostly the technology, how it’s made that happens on the other side of the world mean so much more than it could have meant maybe 150 years ago, and how that connection also means that it’s possible for people here to work with people there, over there, and way over there, to accomplish some goal.

    The problem isn’t the tech, but the people. The problem isn’t so much that there are people who want to take over the world, it’s that there have always been people who want to take over the world. They just use different weapons nowadays, and are if anything less honest about their intentions than the empire-builders of yesteryear. At least Genghis Khan and Napoleon came with armies, while the conquerors of today do so through things like empty rhetoric, fake news, and election fraud.


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      The thing to understand is that (up to the point the Lord returns) there is no end point.  Something always comes next. I would say things are more of a pendulum swing then a falling off a cliff situation.  The pendulum has gone so far to one side I fear a very violent snapping back of it in the opposite direction.


      If we continue on this path, our society is doomed to fall, like so many have in history.

      Humans might continue, but not in a free, capitalists, democracy.

      The few/elite/technocrats/globalists/ruling class wants to create a regime that CAN’T fall.

      Can we stop this from happening?  I sure believe so, but it is getting harder and harder the longer those wishing to DESTROY it continues to be in positions of power and influence.

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      As for @Blood.Ranger ‘s comment;

      And there have been theories on what exactly these “aliens” will be.

      Be they the anunnaki, the nephilim, the anti-Christ, etc.

      From a sister star Nemesis and the long lost planet Nibiru, or from a hole in space/time the particle colliders are trying to make.

      To E.T.’s, grey skins, xenomorphs, predators, to demons/devils and cthulhu-like creatures, etc.

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