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    Crush 40’s most metal song. Once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head.


    I see and feel the evil,
    my hands will crush them all!
    You think you have the answer,
    I’ll laugh and watch you fall!

    Black hearted evil!
    Brave hearted hero!
    I am all,
    I am all,
    I am!

    Go ahead and try to see through me, do it if you dare!
    One step forward, two steps back, you do the hokey-pokey and you turn around, I’m here.
    (One step forward, two steps back)

    Do it… Do it… Do it…! Do it!


    Can you see all of me?
    Walk into my mystery,
    Step inside and hold on for dear life!

    Do you remember me?
    Capture you or set you free,
    I am all, and I am all of me!
    (I am, I am all of me)

    I am! I am, I’m all of me!
    I am! I am, I’m all of me!
    I am! I am, I’m all of me!
    (Here we go)
    I am! I am, I’m all of me!
    (Here we go…)

    I am, I am all of me!

    Shadow is cool, don’t let anyone tell you different.


    Soros Caravan Wings Judy Judge 2018 Nov 4th Sun Road Vans



    Name: Ira Gamagoori
    Occupation: Disciplinary Committee Chairman
    Height: Bigger than you.


    If Kill la Kill was a 2000s cartoon set in rural America:




    Vtuber fanart of Shishiro Botan & Gawr Gura:



    Remembering Gears of War:



    Man, totally metal series. One of my all-time favorites.

    I think it’s actually the series 15th anniversary this November. Maybe I should replay the original trilogy again or at least check out Gears 5.



    I… I don’t quite remember this from Tolkien.

    Was this from Brother Bear? They had laser eyes in that film, right?


    Authoritarian Left vs Authoritarian Right:


    But seriously guys, please do not simp for female dictators.


    Remembered this classic:


    This was made before the Aizen arc ended and it turned out to be only half as ridiculous as some of the plot twists in the actual story lmfao.

    Sense, in Bleach? What are you talking about, bro?



    Gura is such an adorable, little retard.



    I swore I’d just leave High Guardian Spice alone, but damn, I laughed.


    One of the best shounen heroes, returning this October:




    “No, nothing change my world”

    Official theme by Tite Kubo: News from the Front by Bad Religion

    The main character of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school student born with the ability to see ghosts. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami [God of Death] from the Soul Society who is tasked with defending the World of the Living from Hollows, malevolent spirits who devour the souls of the living and the deceased. When is Rukia is gravely injured trying to protect Ichigo’s family from a rampaging Hollow, she transfers most of her spirit energy to Ichigo, allowing him to become a Substitute Shinigami on her behalf. Though initially protecting the residents of Karakura town from Hollows, Ichigo soon finds himself at the center of dark machinations in a world previously beyond his comprehension…

    Ichigo has no grand ambition or dream, he simply desires to become strong so he can protect the people he loves and as many people as possible. Though his name could easily be confused with a girls (Strawberry) the Kanji characters in his name actually stand for the number “one” and “guardian” meaning “one who protects.” He is defined by his courage, valor, honour and compassion. He seeks to achieve victory in his battles, but on fair and even terms. He seeks to defeat evil, but maintains a sense of proportion. Though short-tempered, stubborn and sometimes prone to despair, Ichigo’s resolve has seen him overcome many trials and grow as a person.








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