Asmongold Needs an intervention for mental health

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    First off, I am not an AsmonGold fan.   But I know trouble when I see it.  People are laughing about it and making light of the state of his room.


    A person’s living space is an extension of their mental health and state of being. If that is real. You people close to Asmon better help this man. That clutter is a cry for help in so many ways. If you care about Asmon Gold, I suggest an intervention. But if this was just for the lulz and all prop stuff, it was pretty funny. Otherwise if real, it is very SAD.

    Not only sad but very disgusting.  Dude has enough money to pay someone to clean that mess up.  He could do it himself.   I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t voice my concern about the state of his mental health.   Dude is going to be found dead one day while his fans laugh it up.

    It isn’t a joke.   If anyone on this site cares about this guy I would suggest some kind of intervention to help this man out.

    I spoke my peace and will put it into the hands of the internet at this point.


    Multi-Millionaire Streaming Setup!


    You can’t in good faith tell me that is remotely healthy.   Something is going on with him.  I realize his mom passed away.

    I am not a Multi-Millionaire Streamer or anything close to that.  I am a simple man who wakes up, cleans my room makes my bed and spend no less than 4 hours a day cleaning my house.  Daily.   You don’t have to be clean freak or anything.

    But your house, room and living space is an extension of who you are mentally and spiritually.   A dirty room means you’re in a bad place.   It is a CRY for help.

    All I see are people laughing.

    Is this a joke?  And I am the butt of this joke?

    I just think one of his friends should help this man.   Or someone, I don’t even know the guy.

    He put this out here for reason.



    Here he is laughing on the outside.   The man is not laughing from within.

    I know pain when I see it.   This is a deep pain.

    This meme is a perfect example of what is at play here.



    I guess I didn’t know he has always lived like this and his mother was a hoarder.

    This is the main replies I get from his own people.

    Wowheadguy 57 minutes ago:

    He has all the resources he needs and chose to live like this, as stated he has made over a million dollars and apparently has 1m in bank yet lives like a 14 year old spoiled brat. I’m no friend of this person, and I have my own people to safeguard, as for this guy, I can’t respect someone who has reached all their goals and chooses to live in filth and dismay.

    Grimsonshade 34 minutes ago:

    How any grown man could make the kind of money he makes while bragging about being a millionaire and live this way is beyond most of us.   So we just laugh at him for the dark humor that it provides.  I really don’t think anyone of his fans respects him.  They enjoy a good train wreck.


    The lists go on and on.   Like I said, I am not a fan of Asmon.  The only reason his videos showed up for me was because of his videos on the JD trial.

    This guy seems like a huge loser in real life.  Further proof that money means very little when it comes to the person you are.   So many of us could do such awesome things with that kind of money.   I don’t even need tons of money to do awesome things and live a great life.

    I am starting to be thankful I am not rich.  It looks like a prison with golden bars.

    Very few people seem to care and say this is totally normal.    I didn’t realize people lived like this.   It is outside my experience.






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