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    A Florida Standard journalist named Zac Howard just false accused anime of the Nashville Shooting

    Graphic Novel Depicting Students Shooting Teacher Found in Florida Middle School Libraries (




      This is an old political trick.  I can recall back as far as the late 80’s when they were trying to censor hard rock/metal for being “satanic” and causing violence or heinous acts.

      This is done so that politicians can get the focus off their bad policies and other societal issues they have caused or contributed to and blame something else.

      Ironically, or maybe not, Danzig’s famous song “Mother” is about that time frame of attempted censorship.  Guess who was the main villain in that story.  Al and Tipper Gore.



      Ah, of course; something bad happens, blame anime🙄. Not very original…


      Didn’t know that about Danzig and Al and Tipper Gore. The one I remember Tipper going after was the Bob Seger song about prostitution.


        Tipper and her organization , The Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), had a whole list of naughty songs they did not like they wanted to censor in some form or fashion.  Now to be clear some of them were pretty racy. I think they wanted to ultimately censor music but it ended up just with labeling of adult themes.  As a parent I am fine with labelling I think that’s fine but censoring is something else.

        Do I think the PMRC really cared?  No, I am sure it was all just a political stunt.

        Some lyrics from “Mother” the song Danzig made in response to the PMRC:

        Tell your children not to walk my way
        Tell your children not to hear my words
        What they mean, what they say, mother
        Can you keep them in the dark for life?
        Can you hide them from the waiting world?
        Oh mother

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        In the 80s it was Rock and Metal, in the 90s it was movies and video games, in the 2000s it was rap music, now it’s guns or global warming or some bullshit.

        Note that it’s never the real reason: 99% of school shooters were bullied. Schools allow and often even encourage bullying. I would know. I was bullied. I nearly decided to shoot up my school (or rather my bullies and teachers, I wouldn’t have taken down anyone innocent), and would have been justified, too. Didn’t do it because I didn’t value their lives higher than my freedom.


        I can’t believe the person who blamed anime for the shooting was a fucking rightwinger

        What the fuck is his problem?

        What the fuck his problem?

        I’m not even a conservative nor am I liberal. But this kind of shit right here is going to cost the right to lose the culture



          Personally, I think conflating rightwing with conservative and or Republican is incorrect.  They are not at all the same thing and in some cases not even close in my opinion.


          That is another reason why the right loses. We are incompatible with each other. Rightwing, nationalist, conservative, libertarian…  the only thing we really have in common is being in the crosshairs of the left.

          And yes VinzingerG, this is why the right lost the culture war.


          Other reasons why I believe the right is losing the culture war is simply because they can’t keep up and accept that society progresses and the ”normal” changes. While I think that the right will almost always have the upper hand in economic policies, in terms of social policies the new generation of young people are more accepting towards left leaning ideas.

          The ”normal” is something that is forever changing with time, which pulls the rug from under a lot of specifically conservative arguments about society, for example gender roles and the rise of LGBT people when a lot of the arguments seem to be reflecting on the past and based on how things used to be so ”normal” and now everything is just woke and trash. Which is a weak argument considering that for example slavery and frontal lobotomy were normal.

          The second reason I would say is that the right has become the new laughing stock for people who are not politically active or participating in the culture war. In 2016 during the Trump and Gamergate era the right was dominating the culture war. Everyone made fun of the snowflakes having meltdowns, like literally everyone has seen the pic of the woman with glasses screaming after Trump won which is on 90% of the right wing outrage merchant Youtube channel thumbnails still 7 years later (G+G, The Quartering, RK Outpost etc) and it was popular to shit on feminists and things like that. But now it’s flipped upside down and people are more rolling their eyes at the right wing snowflakes being the 2016 crying woman with glasses about how every problem in their life is because of wokeness, as well as all the dumbfuckery the right wing has been doing from people with insane conspiracy theories in positions of power to January 6th, the never ending mass shootings with no actions taken while the right is scrambling to find new excuses and solutions, rise of the redpill manosphere community and then facts like the decline in religious people makes the right less and less approachable for people stuck in the middle.

          These are some thoughts from someone who was pretty far right still 3 years ago before re-evaluating my positions and widening my perspective through following other news than just right wing echo chamber news.



          Fair point @Vknid

          But at the end of the day, what Zac Howard and people like him did is show what people like Fabian liberty, Keri Smith, Horroramorata, and many others in Fabian’s have been discussing. A potential moral panic.



            “That is another reason why the right loses. We are incompatible with each other. Rightwing, nationalist, conservative, libertarian…  the only thing we really have in common is being in the crosshairs of the left.”

            Untrue entirely.  If we (the collective not left) had the same goal as the left which was to beat others into submitting to our agenda yes.  But the case is all the groups on the right have at least one thing in common.  We are willing to live and let live, we all just want to be left alone and are willing to leave others alone.  We can coexist with one anther without issue.

            The thing the collective left has over the collective right is their tribes are united by hatred via the agenda of victimhood.  Do you think the straight white Christian male was a random selection as a target of hatred?  Not at all.  It was 100% strategic.  It’s the only group all their tribes can agree to hate without stepping over lines of race, sex or orientation.  And through uniting their tribes in that way a voting block was created.  Which is why “everything” must be racist, sexist or phobic.  Because the moment they lose that defining hatred is the moment that voting block unravels.

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            I just made a video on it on my channel/YouTube account

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