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    As I expand my gaming collection, I’ve been enjoying finding some really awful games to play, even if some of them are infuriating. I’d like to know which ones you guys have played or heard about. This is always an interesting topic for me.


    I played Eye of the Beholder for Gameboy Advance both as a teen and in recent years as a rom. I never was able to complete the game, because I kept getting stuck.

    People tell me Dragon’s Dogma for PS3 is bad. I’ve owned it for years and haven’t played more than 20 minutes of it. It’s a very pretty game. The character creation options at the beginning are overwhelming. Then after that I remember having to also create the plank of wood companion.


    Master of Orion 3 for the PC has to be the worst game I’ve ever played.


      Well I have played Superman 64 and Daikatana 64, and they really are bad.

      Another one is think is god awful is The Incredible Hulk on SNES, I renamed it The Horrible Hurlk.

      Banjo Nuts & Bolts on the Xbox 360 is also pretty terrible, I renamed it Banjo Cocks & Balls, and for places I can’t say those words, Banjo Sucks & Blows.

      If you’re intersted, a channle called Rerez has a series called Just Bad Game


      Dragon Ball Z Sagas. Most Dragon Ball games are pretty mediocre. The Raging Blast games were pretty hit or miss for me, as well as the Xenoverse games. Though Sagas is so bad it’s bad. It’s not even “so bad it’s good.” I don’t really think I’ve played a “Bad” game since Sagas. There are games I haven’t cared for and that didn’t jive with me, personally (Kingdom Hearts, Horizon Zero Dawn) but I don’t think they’re necessarily bad. This game though, this game is bad.



      Thanks for the replies everyone!


      Madden has been getting worse every year for the past 15 years. Check out RyanMoody21 on YouTube.


      Yep. Madden has been in constant decline since Madden 13. Madden 12 was the last good Madden. Madden at it’s peak was Madden 2007/2008 on the Ps2/GameCube and Xbox. Ever since EA jumped to the Xbox 360, they haven’t recovered. Franchise mode is a joke compared to what it was in Madden 12, and even 12 was nowhere near what franchise mode was in 2005-2008. Madden 13 stripped a bunch of features for a simplified experience, and that’s pretty much where the game mode has been ever since. The meat and potatoes of Madden now is Ultimate Team, which is clear to me all EA cares about. The current user rating of Madden 21 on Metacritic is 0.4 out of 10. ZERO POINT FOUR. And EA doesn’t care because Madden saw a 20% increase in sale over last years version, which is insane to me.

      Madden easily gets the “Worst game of the century” award. They sure as hell have my vote.


        I can mostly cite licensed movie tie-in games here. Because it took me a while to realize how bad those games in general were. That, and I had some genuinely fine experiences with some diamonds in the rough on the subject. (Spiderman 2 on the Gamecube, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen on the PS3, etc.)

        But for the first game I owned that I recognized as terrible, Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku on the Game Boy Advance. It’s the game where a random snake can kill Goku like it’s nothing, Goku is forced to find lost children and do various odd-jobs before he’s allowed to face Raditz, learns the Solar Flare from a man in the woods and the Kamahameha from King Kai, has to go through this nonsensically out of place Namekian temple before fighting the Ginyu Force, etc.

        It’s honestly surprising to hear that Legacy of Goku 2 was made by the same developer. One of the biggest upgrade/redemptions I’ve ever seen from a game developer studio.

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