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    Disney continues to normalise talking about sexual content to children with environmental and transgender messaging also being included in this show targetted for audiences primarily around the ages of 7-11.


      To me it seems nonsensical (and not economically advantageous) for a company to push such things so hard unless there was not some agenda specifically to do just that.  Otherwise it makes no sense, especially since they have gotten nothing but flack for it very publicly.

      It’s almost as if they think their time window to do so freely is closing and they have to push as hard and as fast as they can, just like was done with the vax.

      And the only reason I can think that someone would push so hard to sexualize children so early is because they view them as sexual objects and want to normalize that.

      So a thinking person I believe can only come to the conclusion that Disney and the like are grooming children intentionally and it has ZERO to do with anything else.

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      Sadly, there’s going to be a lot of people who’ll defend it by saying stupid stuff like “But it’s normal for a girl to go through something like that at that age!” or “They had adult jokes on old Disney cartoons for years!”. Sad thing is, is that there’s a difference between a adult joke and propaganda. This is clearly propaganda.


        Glad I do not have kids in this day and age. There would be no Disney +, and no cell phone until they were 16. I am a strong proponent that kids should not have cell phones, for many reasons. People say “Well, what if something happens”, and they have trackers on their kids cell phone. Well, what did you do the last thousands of years before cell phones? If something happens, it happens. That’s called life.

        I would be hated as a father, but at least their minds would be saved from all the propaganda and mindwashing going on with all the media.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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