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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>We all know BBC has become nothing more than CNN of Britain. You should their take on Anime, same thing as CNN</p>

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      So what I can gather from the video is that he argues loli is essentially methadone for paedophiles and actually doing the world a favour? Call me old fashioned but personally I’m more of the opinion that fucking degenarates that are into that sort of thing need to meet a long drop on a short rope. Animation or not.

      However, I do agree that the BBC does suck massive donkey balls and it annoys the shit out of me that I have to fund them by paying a TV licence.

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      What Anime Man is getting wrong is going into this argument with the mindset of “It’s just a drawing.”

      It’s also a form of free expression.

      I’m not into loli. At all. But it’s not the same thing as “child pornography” (it should be called what it is: child abuse and exploitation). One is filming/documenting the abuse of a child, the other is a reflection of a person’s thoughts and feelings put into a form others can see. The former is an attack on children’s innocence and should be condemned in every civil society. The latter is art. Art we may find objectionable, but art never the less.

      This is a debate that’s been going for some time, the crux of the matter essentially boils down to protecting Freedom of Speech no matter what vs Protecting Children’s Innocence at all costs. I consider both equally important, so I understand both sides of the argument. I do find such artwork unsavory and empathize with the desire to see such no material. But if you’re for freedom of speech, even for opinions you find unconscionable, that also means you have to defend forms of art you may find repulsive.

      In the case of loli, it doesn’t always overlap with pedophilia. Just as you’re bound to have pedophiles that are into it, there are people that are into the drawings but are disgusted by the sexualisation of real children. Can’t really explain the psychology behind that, other than most people know that anime isn’t real life (and loli can be a rather broad term: I think it can also include grown women who look underage).

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