BBC Banned in China

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    BBC News banned in China, one week after CGTN’s license withdrawn in UK

    In an apparent tit for tat move, BBC World News has been banned from airing in China, according to a statement from China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) on Thursday.


    ‘We are disappointed that the Chinese authorities have decided to take this course of action. The BBC is the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster and reports on stories from around the world fairly, impartially and without fear or favour,” a BBC spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business.

    And that is the problem.  It is not being filtered by the CCP so only the those stories that makes the CCP look good are allowed.

    But since they report on the bad… that is not allowed?  HHmmm… just like how the leftist propaganda media will only report the good of their “masters”.

    It is unclear how much impact China’s ban of BBC World News would have in the country. The BBC have never been allowed to broadcast in mainland China or into Chinese homes. BBC World News was only ever been available in international hotels.

    It is just one of many steps.

    The censoring of free-speech is on going everywhere.

    The media is guilty of that.

    U-Tube is also censoring free-speech.

    Twitt’r is definately censoring free-speech and is nothing more than a bunch of mindless SJW lynch mobs.


    This is just one more reason to try to use your financial dollars.

    IF you can purchase something NOT made by those communists, DO so.

    Support the free-market!

    Support capitalism.

    I do my part and try to buy what I can made in North America.

    Keep the money and the jobs at HOME!

    Support your local businesses/economy!


    The only point I would make is that if the lying bastards of the BBC really are “the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster” then every other news broadcaster must be incapable of even telling the time honestly. I expect they’ll find a way to blame this on Brexit.

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    I approve of your sentiment, but sadly i dont see it having much effect.

    Also, BBc is garbage and not worth reading/watching anyway.

    If i may give my old and cynical views on a few of your points…

    IF you can purchase something NOT made by those communists, DO so.
    -Yep, if.

    Support the free-market!
    -The only way to do that is by buying Chinese, unless you mean “free peoples”

    Support capitalism.
    -Everything is made in china to cut costs and make the rich suits richer.  Capitalists have no problem at all having communists make everything for them.
    China is only making what everyone tells them to make for their stores.

    I do my part and try to buy what I can made in North America.
    -Try is all you can do.

    Keep the money and the jobs at HOME!
    –   If you buid the “Leg-Leg” TV plant in the US you will have to pay a guy minimum wage and give benefits and not dump all your toxic waste in the river.  Which means your Profit on each tv is 10%.  Do it in china and your profit is 50%.  (numbers made up for example)
    Capitalism says get the commies to build it.

    Support your local businesses/economy!
    -Most mfg were shut down in the 80s and moved to china, the plant you need to reopen has probably been buldozed.  If you wanted to have tvs made in the US, i doubt there is even a place you could get to do it for you. :(

    The actual problem, and maybe i should make a rant one day is the stock market.

    Again, not ragging on you, just old enough to remember when stuff was made at home. :(


    Yes, I remember when the ingenuity and manufacturing might on the US and North America was something.


    But sadly, with them moving the jobs to a country that has a lack of safety and health and proper wages, and produces goods that lack the quality of past items…


    Regardless of the quality of the tv shows the BBC produces (cough cough ms.who), I still trust BBC News over any us network news coverage (which is so extreme/politicized).


    China’s been partially banning BBC for ages during my 8 year stay in China, especially with issues regarding Taiwan, Japan and free press.

    Then again, China ain’t fond of public erotica either.




    bear cave dildo at that.


    Fuck china.

    I have never trusted the BBC so Im conflicted on this.


    I still trust the BBC over the Communist – Nazi – Network (CNN).


    I trust meme sites as a better source than CNN.


    Babs Bee have gotten more stories right the last year than Communist news did & they are satire.

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