Best or Most Memorable OSTs in Nintendo Games

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    In my opinion, I think Nintendo games have some of the best and most memorable soundtracks in the gaming industry. Sure, there are some games from other companies with good music, but, from my experience, Nintendo’s studios are the most consistent. What are some soundtracks that really stick out to any of you? I’ll just name one game that comes to mind so I won’t take anyone else’s choice(s):

    Xenoblade Chronicles (the first one)


    Ocarina of time. It always stuck with me. From that opening title to the end title sequence—amazing.


      There’s nothing like Nintendo OST – here’s just a few of my all-time favorites ❤️

      Gusty Garden Galaxy –

      Good Egg Galaxy –

      Fossil Falls –

      Super Mario Bros 3 –



      I agree with Xenoblade Chronicles as well as Xenoblade 2. I felt the music sounded similar in some areas and I love both osts because of that.


      Yes to all of these–Mario’s like Zelda. Always a solid soundtrack.


      I agree that Nintendo has great soundtracks. The kind that you can remember clearly and hum to yourself 20+ years later.

      One thing I like to do at work is load up soundtrack videos on YouTube rather than listen to modern music. F-Zero and Pilotwings on the SNES had some of the best music.


      Smash Bros cause it has all of them


      The title screen for Secret of Mana.

      The whale song starts.

      Then the title screen appears and that classic theme begins. I classify that as timeless.



      This is why I want Rex and Pyra/Mythra in smash; I want that sweet Xenoblade 2 music.


      Golden Sun, hands down one of the best OSTs of a Nintendo exclusive game.

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