Best Star Trek TV Show ever?

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    Obviously there have been many Star Trek shows.  The original despite it’s bad effects was great. In the 60’s that’s was MEGA cutting edge.

    That aside I think the best Trek series of all time is TNG followed by DS9.

    Voyager is OK but I never cared for it (maybe I should try it again) and Enterprise was a departure from the usual but that one I thought was OK.

    Now the stuff done today like Picard and Discovery I refuse to look at.  It’s not Trek, it’s not canon and it’s hot garbage meant to destroy what came before it.

    I do like “The Orville” although I dislike their obvious woke slant that pokes it’s head out occasionally.  But even when it does it’s normally in the context of a story so it’s typically tolerable.


    Original will always get my Nod, for best. That aside of all the others DS9 would be the 2nd best. Though they did swipe their format from B-5 (the ongoing story line) vs (weekly story line).  Sisko was probably the best of the Captains of the post Original “You hit me, Picard never hit me”

    Voyager was OK as was Enterprise, both were trying something different and felt like the original.  TNG never felt like the original to me, it was without doubt the one trying to be “PC and Inclusive” hell the opening alone is proof of that. Also Picard was always cool and calm under pressure, even in events anyone should have had some emotions showing his came off as fake and just following the script. Warf and O’Brien were the two most believable. Interestingly they went to DS9 and had larger rolls that let them be themselves.

    Of the new stuff, it can just go away!

    Of the Movies, I will always love ( The Voyage Home ) It was just a good fun movie. Kirk and his Friends doing what they do.

    Now I will wait for this years Shark Week, rumor is Shatner dives with Great Whites. Lord I hope so, 92 and doing stuff like that gives me hope in life.


    Great points.  I actually like (to varying degrees) all the movies made.  I have them all.  But “The Wrath of Khan” is probably the best overall as I see it.  But that’s just me.

    I do really like B5 as well.


    The original.

    No question.

    It was fun, entertaining, had characters that one could get behind, characters with flaws and character growth.

    Great character/actor chemistry, where even the secondary crew members had depth.

    A show of hope, a show that dealt with topics in a cleaver way without lecturing you on it.

    While the spin-offs were good in their own rights, they were never on the same level as the original.


    You have to admire Roddenberry for thinking totally out of the box and for having a positive view of the future while doing so.

    I found it interesting he grew up Catholic and was just non-practicing as far as I know.  You can see in Star Trek he keeps those same values but does so without religion for the most part.  Now I disagree with splitting those 2 up since I am Catholic myself but I still very much appreciate his vision and I can see where he was going with it.

    The Orville does a little of that too but while Roddenberry made Star Trek non-religious, McFarland is clearly anti-religion.


    It’s a tough contest between TNG and TOS. TOS has by far the best character writing. Kirk, Spock and McCoy are perfectly set up with Spock representing reason, McCoy representing emotion and Kirk acting as the moral core, displaying a great level of leadership, cunning, compassion and humor.
    The writing was very humorous and the actors had the ability to pull it off.
    On the downside, Season 3 was quite bad, and of course the production quality was mostly terrible.

    TNG, I would argue, had the best philosophical and plot driven episodes. “Who watches the watchers” is a fine example of a plot driven episode that is really a 40 minute philosophy lesson.
    TNG had inferior character writing to TOS, with Data and Picard as the only real standout characters. The female regulars are all shallow and episodes centered on them tend to be annoying. Q episodes tend to be highlights, when the show tackles existential themes, something that is rarely done in media.
    Production values are high and the show is less cringy than TOS.
    The weakness of the TNG characters really becomes apparent in the films. The films with the TOS crew absolutely shine with their character banter. Scenes with Kirk and Spock in San Francisco or the three men camping in nature in 5 or Kirk musing about aging are all great to watch. None of the character scenes in the TNG movies go anywhere. There’s zero character development in 8, 9 is a snoozefest where the actors look lost most of the time and by 10 you had a bunch of geriatrics trying to pretend to be action stars.

    None of the other Trek shows ever really reached the heights of TOS and TNG. DS9 abandoned most of the philosophical stuff and felt like a soap opera a lot of times. What really bothered me about it was the production design. TOS and TNG Enterprise were places you wished you could spend time at (and as a result watched the show). Especially in TNG the Enterprise was well lit and designed like a cruise ship. DS9 was when Trek started going for a darker look, and it never really worked for me.

    Voyager continued that trend. Looking at the ship, it was ugly and generic sci fi. It didn’t help that Voyager is when the writing and acting really fell off the cliff. Does anyone remember any of the characters except Janeway and Seven of Nine? There were a few good moments, but overall the show fell flat.

    Never saw Enterprise, but the new shows are all horrible. The few episodes I saw were among the most ugly, badly photographed, written and acted garbage I have ever seen on TV.  The blackheads on Dr. Pimple Popper have more character depth than any of the trash characters in these new shows.



    Good points for sure.  I never liked Voyager.  I did not hate it, just did not care for it.  Enterprise is pretty good, it’s a different take but I was into it.  ALL of the new stuff is hot garbage.  I refuse to look at any of it.

    Here is my ordered list:

    1) TNG

    2) DS9/TOS

    3) Enterprise

    Anything else I don’t care for.  And I do like The Orville most of the time.  Sometimes I do not.





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