Biden to propose three-month federal gas tax holiday to ease soaring gas prices

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    Biden to propose three-month federal gas tax holiday to ease soaring prices at the pump

    President Joe Biden will ask Congress on Wednesday to suspend the federal gas tax for the next three months in one of his administration’s most aggressive and controversial efforts to give Americans immediate relief as gas prices soar above $5 a gallon in many states.

    Why not ALSO allow the domestic petroleum industry to drill more oil in the US?

    Why not ALSO allow oil pipelines to bring in?

    A three-month federal gas tax holiday would suspend a tax of 18.4 cents per gallon of gas and 24.4 cents for diesel that drivers pay when they fill their tanks. The administration is billing the gas tax holiday as a way to provide some “breathing room” as it works to bring costs down over the long term.

    What hypocrisy !

    One of Biden’s promises was to destroy the petroluem industry and force the “green” agenda onto it citizens.

    This is nothing more than a PR move to help the falling approval rating of this demented “president”.


    Now will this also effect grocery prices?  or is it too little too late.  a 3% decrease at the pumps when inflation is setting around 8.582%  (May’22)


    So what happens, if come September, Congress does not extend the gas tax holiday and gas prices jump right before the mid-term elections?

    The timing of this tax holiday (instead of allowing domestic oil to be used to lower prices), or BOTH, shows how out of touch with reality the bumble biden admin is.

    We need more oil, so long is it is NOT US OIL!


    Election Results 2019, saw the price of gas start to rise. I was paying on election night 2019 $1.22 a gallon. On swearing in day 2020 it was up to $1.89 a gallon. Last night I filled up $4.61 a gallon. What was 31 months ago $21.96 to put 18 gallons (fill my tank) is not $82.98 a gallon…. The tax relief package he proposes is $0.18 a gallon for the average citizen or $3.24 for a tank of gas off.  or $38.88 over his 12 weeks (3 month holiday) not even the cost of a half a tank of gas. People will not even notice it weekly at the pump!

    Lets look at California the highest prices in the nation. State and Federal combined they pay $0.67cent a gallon so they will save on the same 18 gallons $12.06 cents. I looked up where some of my family is in Riverside and its $5.79 a gallon, over $100.00 a tank, $104.22 to be exact. 92.00 A TANK if both taxes are removed but just the federal they wont even know there was a cut.

    Now if this gets signed by the end of the week it would go in to effect probably Monday. 9-12-22 would be the sunset day,  which means that prices would go back up that $3.24 a tank full. We know prices will rise during that time and by then by many economist prediction it should be a Nation Average of near $6.05 a gallon if nothing changes. That means on that sunset day gas would go to $6.23 a gallon. or 112.14 a fill-up.

    If the economist are correct, then the average American family will be paying about $700.00 a month in gas…. This is something people forget in these tally’s, most families have two working families who have to fill up weekly. The average family income after taxes is around $54,000.00. That means $8,074.08 of their income goes to gas, thats 14% of their income….

    Tell me again how inflation according to this administration is 8.3%…. 14% in gas then you have groceries that now account for 24% of the budget. 38% of what they need to survive spent on already.  Election night 2019   Gas and Groceries cost me between $7500.00 and $9500.00 a year. Today they cost me between $17,000 and $19,000.00 a year (I plus minus  $2000) for fluctuation in prices.


    I am a minimum of $8,000.00 poorer since Biden Inc took over. Americans vote with their wallets and if my wallet is that much lighter, I can only imagine what others are. The media and politicians can have their polls and their propaganda, lie to the Americans people all they want. Wallets do not lie. My checkbook does not lie to me. The kiddies who live at home may not understand that and vote for more of it…. But their parents won’t as will many more…. This administration is out of touch WITH REALITY.


    Politicians at this point (on whatever side) are full of meaningless gestures attempting to win favor in the short term for coming elections.  This is another such attempt.


    @Vknid  that is why term limits for ALL politicians is a MUST.

    The founding father NEVER intended politicians to be a career.

    And as @Mustangride1 says, the average family will not even realize this temporary saving.

    From a nation that was an energy exporter, to want in which the biden admin has to beg the opec cartel to please drill more of your oil, and I’ll continue to make sure the US domestic oil remains buried in the ground.

    Biden is a disgrace, IMO.


    “Number one, no more subsidies for fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period, ends, number one.” –       Joe Biden, CNN debate, 3/15/20




    How much you guys want to bet every Democrat in Congress is HEAVILY invested in “green” industries.


    And if they did that outside of congress, they would be charged with crimes by trying to force your competition in ruination.  Insider trading.  etc.


    Actually they can be charged with it while in congress as well as other crimes associated with their actions…. It wont happen though.


    Where I live, while on the federal level they have not yet taken the idea of not taking gas tax money from the pockets of our citizens, at the provincial level they are extending their gas tax “holiday” and will not include an electricity rebate that will automatically happen on every electrical bill within the province.

    Nice to see at least SOME politicians are looking after their citizens.


    These folks in government are not going to “fix” things they intentionally made happen. So anyone holding out hope or waiting for a solution will have to wait about another 2.5 years (In the USA) .  That’s if these sociopaths don’t get in again.

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