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    Bitchute is censoring videos now. May have to do with the fact they are allowed back on Twitter. Perhaps they had to agree to censor certain topics to be allowed back on Twitter.


    Never got Bitchute to work anyways. Fuck em.


    That place always runs like its on a 28.8 modem. They need to update their server farms and their internet connections.


    I really wanted to like bitchute, but it’s not evolving at all.


    I am afraid BitChute is censoring now. I have the evidence. Read my article and see that videos are being removed with the claim that they are being put on other video platforms, called cross platform misuse, however they allow other channels to do that. So they are now selectively censoring videos and purging them off of their website. I have proven it.

    If you are being censored on BitChute too, please start uploading screenshots and Wayback Machine archives proving this too, then we can politically nail BitChute for censorship.


    They have caved folks, I am sorry.


    Reply to MrBidwell, #211204: I am sorry but they have likely caved into pressure or threats from the corrupt people. I am not going to go left or right on this, it is just corrupt folks that want censorship of anything speaking out against corruption. They are even going after Adult Content on PayPal and purguing their bank accounts and taking all their money.

    Look what happened more recently to Lewd Idol Project. No loli, nothing illegal, just adult stuff and now they are being targeted as well. Pretty soon even Anime will be considered massively as pedophilia, then Police and FBI will surveil all Anime Conventions if they ever even come back.


    We are seeing the beginning of the fact we may all be forced to become political now, because we are all going to become targets not by choice. BitChute is just a drop in the bucket of all the censorship being done all over the internet and ISPs like Comcast.


    Will be interesting to see what happens. Who is being censored and why? Anyone major? If they do it to Alex Jones, Salty Cracker or Styx, that site is over. Same with ComputingForever Dave Cullen, who I only watch on that site. I read the comments here, but Bitchute is one of my favorite sites. I go there everyday. For a while, I was really grateful for the site. I also would catch Red Elephants or Nick Fuentes on there.


    Reply to #233622: It is somebody who used to work with Alex Jones and Stewart Rhodes. Brian met Alex in 2012, Brian didn’t have enough money to stay another night in Chantilly, VA during the Bilderberg protest but Alex Jones took notice of Brian D. Hillwhen he ran USWGO Alternative News. Aaron Dykes syndicated a few of Brian’s articles. Brian even had the phone numbers of Richard Reeves, Darrin McBreen, and Aaron Dykes.

    They had some kind of falling out in 2013 after Brian was framed with child porn. Brian and many of his supporters on his old forgotten Facebook pages and groups tried to get Infowars to cover him being framed but they ignored them all and even attempted to delete Brian’s Facebook page while he was sitting in Jail.

    That was when the infighting started and Brian’s grandmother Stella, Kenneth Forinash his grandfather, and Roberta, they were all called actors and then they were all accused of being actors. The support group tore apart. Then Brian was forced to have a Public Defender, forced to take a guilty plea.

    This was the very videos they censored:

    Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court – YouTube

    Brian took the risk of being targeted again just getting his family to release an audio statement that Brian is warning that we have a Pedophile in charge of our Pentagon and White House, President Biden. He is warning that the Feds may start framing more patriots with child pornography like they did with Luke Rudkowski, Ian Freeman, Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes, Stewart Rhodes and Dan Johnson. The frame up attempt on Alex Jones in 2019 with Onionmail and the child porn malware.

    Brian D Hill of USWGO Warns Feds will Frame Up People with Child Porn – July 13, 2021 (MIRRORED) – YouTube

    I understand many don’t wish to talk about people framing others with child porn but it is indeed going on here. I saw on the Dark Net from what the whistleblower told me that there were those advocating uploading child porn from people’s wifi routers and framing them to fool the White Knights.

    So there are efforts by the Deep State to frame people with these filthy files, create stigmatization and criminal suspicion, then you lose all your friends, all your supporters and become a pedophile.

    This happened to Brian, he was forced to become what the Feds to label him as, he is a virgin, yet sits on the Sex Registry everyday because Alex Jones and Darrin McBreen turned their backs on Brian when he needed them the most. If Brian had a good lawyer in Federal Court, he would have almost guaranteed to be found not guilty by a Jury and the Feds would have failed.

    That never happened, in fact Alex Jones refused to hear Brian out in 2013. Even in 2019, after Alex Jones claimed the bad guys tried to frame him up with child porn, Brian tried to contact Rob Dew and ask for him to cover Brian’s story. Rob Dew told Brian if he can prove that the Government f”ked up in his case, then he would write an article, Rob Dew lied to him, they were never planning to write an article no matter how much proof he had that he was set up.

    His story is a sad one, yes. We Are Change at least covered his case, even ActivistPost but the rest just threw Brian away calling him a pedophile virgin man who just winds up politically DESTROYED, character assassinated. That is it, oh well.



    Brian is fighting right and left to get his reputation back, Brian filed maybe around 50-100 Motions in his Federal case, almost every of them were denied. Brian filed 10 Federal Appeals, all of them denied, Three petitions in the U.S. Supreme Court, all denied.

    Brian’s been fighting this all alone, and now BitChute doesn’t want videos talking about Brian’s case. This saddens me that BitChute Moderators would do this to Brian, it’s like they all judge him and shame him.

    Brian is innocent, it is clear he is, they won’t let him prove it because they are all dead set on declaring Brian guilty of his charge and that he is just not allowed.

    You must understand I cannot disclose confidential information on this forum but Brian may have the culprit who framed him with child porn and he was busted by the Feds on drug smuggling and was involved in human trafficking.

    So Brian had worked with the Feds to try to find evidence that this man framed Brian with child porn but the Feds just paused and won’t do anything. So they want Brian to be a fake pedophile for life, with Alex Jones shunning him, Darrin McBreen shunning him. It doesn’t matter if Brian is acquitted by good people in the Feds.

    I have an issue with BitChute when they want to censor a video of a man who was simply framed with child porn because he got shunned by the entire alternative media community except a few of them, We Are Change and ActivistPost. The rest just threw Brian away.


      Just deleted my account and told them why.


      BitChute HQ is located in the UK, where freedom of speech basically does not exist.

      Believe it was Ofcom (Office of Communications) that found out about them and reported them to the UK government – and tell them whatever they deem “acceptable” parameters of what kind of content is uploaded there.

      So it’s not so much the BitChute team suddenly censoring stuff they don’t like, but censoring what the UK gov doesn’t like. And they could face fines or even imprisonment if they ignore them.

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