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    Anyone else having trouble with vids running on Bitchute, rumble, or Botube?
    Since the 5th every vid I load stops & Stutters like im on a 28.8 modem again.

    Its not my equipment Modem check said Im running near 2.5k download speeds.


    On y-tub I have seen buffering on live-streams happening alot this last year.

    Haven’t been on b-chut this year yet.


    Always. I recently mirrored my youtube channel on Bitchute and for the first two days I couldn’t even upload my first video.



    I have very little experience with BitChute. A few weeks back I tried creating a channel there and uploading some videos though and the upload simply failed. It was labelled as ‘processing’ for about a week then vanished.


    Hey Stephen, I had the exact same problem. This is common. If after 10 minutes the process is not finished you can only re-pload the video. I think this is related to the file size and maybe even the codec. Every time I uploaded smaller sized files the upload was successful.


    So uploading is patchy too not simply watching or commenting on the vids.
    Good to know.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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