Black Clover: Underrated or Overrated Manga

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    When it comes to Black Clover, I enjoy the art style and writing of Yuki Tabata. He is good at character development for Asta, Yuno, and Noelle who are the main characters of the series. He also creates interesting villains such as the Dark Triad currently and the Eye of the Midnight Sun previously. My favorite characters are Yami and Julius because Julius reminds me of adult Naruto while Yami is a unique character that can have his own manga as a prequel to Black Clover. From my perspective, Black Clover is an underrated manga and I just want to know what the Geeks and Gamers community thinks about this manga.


    I’ve only been watching the anime so far, but I enjoy it. It recently went on break, because I think it finally hit the source material wall. I’m fine with that, because I hate filler.

    After the abyss that was the Naruto filler all those years ago, I will never watch filler again.

    So, I totally recommend Black Clover. If the anime ever totally stops, I’ll switch to the manga to continue the story…wouldn’t be the first time.

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    Its a good anime, but I kinda dipped out of it at the moment.


    Hello Roas, thank you for your reply. I think that they stopped the anime because of COVID-19 and Studio Pierrot is currently closed because of it. However, based upon the news that I have received from anime news sources, the anime is adapting the six month timeskip before the current arc in the manga. I also agree with you that Black Clover does filler better than Naruto by a country mile. I watched every episode in Naruto and cannot believe in Shippuden that they did an episode on a ninja ostrich. It is great that you like Black Clover. I hope to make new topics on Black Clover in the forums in the future.


    Hello Dasorcerer7, I hope that you get back in the Black Clover manga some day. The manga is currently going through the Dark Triad arc and the protagonists of the story (Asta, Yuno, Noelle, and Yami) are struggling against the new antagonists of the Dark Triad (Zenon, Dante, and Vanica) at the moment. If you like the Berserk manga and/or Naruto manga then I would recommend this manga to you. Nevertheless, I respect your opinion on the anime and the fact that you like to explore other mangas possibly.


    I think is a good series, when the anime came out a lot of people wew trashing it for no reason so I think is a little underrated but at the same time I do have some problems with the show especially with asta and yuno, so I understand a lot of the criticizing and I think a lot of it is valid. The rest of the cast is really good and I really love Noelle.


    It’s definitely a little under rated in my opinion, but you they say that everyone has an opinion. There will be people disagree with this. Everyone likes different stuff. That’s fine with me.


    Hello again, YagamiZero. Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that Black Clover is an underrated manga. However, I understand that Black Clover is not for everyone. What mangas and/or animes do you enjoy?


      It’s definitely under rated. Remember when everyone hated it and thought it was the worst thing around. They also hated the anime because of Japanese Asta’s annoying, ear splitting “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” screams. Then everyone started loving the story and anime because they realised it was a good story.

      My opinion is that it’s really good and it’s what that load of crap Naruto should have been. Yes, controversial opinion but that is what I think. The story is a lot better, the characters are better written, the characters are actually likeable, the girls aren’t useless, and Yuno, the rival and best friend of Asta isn’t emo and doesn’t want to kill him. Also the author hasn’t turned the story into a sexual fantasy about Yuno, like that untalented hack Kishimoto turned Naruto into a sexual fantasy about Saskue.

      Again, I know this is a controversial opinion, but it is what I believe.

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