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    My brother and I were cleaning out our attic and we were looking through our moms old stuff and I found this weird card in one of her boxes


    so…what the hell is this thing?



    Before their was streaming…

    Before there was DVDs…

    Before there were specialty movie channels…

    There was a time when people saw movies in the theaters (&/or drive-ins), saw it on television, or purchased/rented DVDs to watch.

    Those rented had to be returned (just like a library book) within a certain period of time, or you would be assessed a late-penalty.

    You were also charged a fee if you did not rewind the VHS tapes.


      so…what the hell is this thing?

      Please tell me you’re being sarcastic 🤯 How old are you???

      I’m in my 20s and i remember Blockbuster! Also still have the card 😸 I remember it was across the road from school, so me and my friends would regularly visit and search thru VHSs and DVDs hoping our parents would let us rent one


      two things

      1. I’m 18

      2. what’s a VHS?


      Before streaming…

      Before BluRays…

      Before DVD (and HD-DVDs)…

      We had Beta (Betamax) and VHS (Video Home System, was based on an open standard developed by JVC in 1976.)


      It was based on recording on tape (pre-digital).


        If you’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy you should know what a cassette tape is, VHS is like a cassette tape but for video, and it’s bigger, in fact, VHSs are also called video cassettes, I’ll post some pics when I get on a computer tomorrow 😅

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        1. I’m 18

        2. what’s a VHS?



          Behold, the VHS

          IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013


          My biggest memory of Blockbuster was once, when I was around 4 years, my grandma took me to rent a movie. Somehow, in our 15 minute quest for a movie (which was probably the Jungle Book) we got separated and I couldn’t find her. So I started to panic, thinking she’d left the store without me. Now, Blockbuster wasn’t a very large store like Wal-Mart, but little 4 year old me couldn’t see over any of the shelves. And in my panic, I couldn’t navigate around very well. And must’ve run up and down the same 2 aisles over and over. Finally, I made a correct turn and ended up at the front of the store where she was waiting. She asked if I’d tired myself out yet and was ready to leave.


          I remember Blockbuster. Before they had VHS they had LaserDisks. When BETA and VHS came out we went to Blockbuster, Rented the entire original Star Wars Trilogy on LaserDisk and recorded them on 1 Beta tape. lol


          For our younger members this is a LaserDisk player.


          My first VHS was Batman Returns. Watched hundred of times.  The penguin was scary af, I was only 5 lol

          But yeah, the blockbusters visits were pretty dope. Picking the right movie together, All the planning, all the preparation for a movie night, it was amazing, specially when we’re just kids and we are just getting started with the love for movies.

          Oh, I’m not sure about how exactly was it in the US, but in Europe, some blockbusters would also have the section for Gaming (rent and buy) :D


            I liked being able to rent gamecube games. My copies of NBA Street, 007 Nightfire and one other game I can’t remember right now came from there (they used to sell preowned games too). Other than, I’m glad they’re gone lol. They were always pretty dingy like the movie theaters. Had terrible employees that EVERYONE hated interacting with. It was fun meeting other customers…but that’s where the fun ended lol. Also, they were super greedy and arrogant at the end. They’d charge ridiculous amounts of hidden fees, even forcing everyone to pay the rewind fee whether or not they rewound. They went well past the end believing Red Box and Netflix to be a fad that would eventually cave to them. They did blockbuster online because they felt forced, and that failed because they weren’t smart enough to understand why Netflix was better.

            I have way more respect for Hollywood Video over Blockbuster. But yeah…I’m glad I have YouTube now.


              @Hazu, yeah, I remember the gaming section 😄 Lots if PS2 games in my time

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