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      Apologies if this should be in another forum. Just wondering if my personal blog shows up in notifications because I keep seeing “group blog post” in mine and I don’t really want to be bombarding the general public every time I write a blog where I’m just bitching about random things. Thanks.


      My Blog questions (I have 2):

      1/ people are having a hard time finding my blog posts. I can’t blame them cuz I tried finding the post of a friend of mine and, without following the notification link when that appeared, I had a really hard time (clicking on name leads to an empty profile, even if he is active)

      2/ how long is it for a blog post to get approved? My 1st 3 post went relatively fast (24h or less). But now its been over 2 days …
      In the internet world that’s a long time (not bitching, just inquiring)

      PS: I did come here to support so please let me know if  I can help


        I also have a blog question to add:

        • I would like to know if there is any update on the editing/delete functions that were planned for the Blog feature.

        Answer to hopedenial:  Status Updates and non-restricted Blogs generate a notification for all members.  I’ve asked whether the notifications could be filtered for only “Friends” or to allow notifications turned off for Blogs and Status Updates; and I know others have inquired about improving notification management as well.

        Possible short-term workaround for Jenny:  I find Blogs by listing all of them, newest ones on top, using this link below. Personally I just use the forum as my blog space for now, because at least I can edit in the forum:


        Blog posts never appear. All say waiting for approval. Permanent?


          I see one that you posted 6 days ago — well sort of, it’s restricted to Friends only.  Apparently there is a bit of a backlog.  Even comments to blogs have to be approved.



          I too await the edit/delete feature

          As for posting in forums, I don’t want to do that as I don’t wish to restrain how I express myself
          I have seen already forum posts complaining about not making this site ‘adult’
          And though it saddens me to see the “think of the children’ censorship argument appearing so soon, I won’t do any rabble rousing here

          I have great respect for Jeremy and G&G in general ♥♥
          I want to be a plus for this community and if that isn’t possible, I prefer to bow out than hinder


            Just saw this. Thanks for the info and that would be cool to be able to filter who it appears for.


            Having the same issue with part 2 of your statement.


              My blog hasn’t been posted. So I’m guessing it wasn’t approved? It was just a link to my podcast.

            Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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