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    I hope this focuses on Boba Fett and not on Ming Na. I have nothing against Ming Na but when Boba Fett and her showed up on The Mandalorian, there seemed to be more scenes of Ming Na fighting Stormtroopers than Boba Fett. We fans came to see him for that Mando episode and we get Ming Na more than him which pissed me off.

    I just hope Boba Fett is the main focus of the show and not a bait and switch like in Mad Max Fury Road.


    @Blood.Ranger – I hadn’t considered that but now that you said it, I hope so too.  I’m looking forward to this show though – LOVE the Mandalorian and hoping to love this too. Although I don’t know that we needed this show to stall Mando Season 3 to be honest.

    I’m getting the impression that this show is actually repurposed from the Star Wars: Underworld show we heard was in development ten years back too.


    THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT “Boba Returns” Trailer (2021)




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    Got no beef at all. Would be a good idea to bump Hobbit or LOTR threads and just specialize in that topic.

    Saw episode one of Book of Boba Fett and the title was “Stranger In A Strange Land.” I like the shout out to Heinlein and that I see a lot of tributes and call-backs to older sci-fi. Friday was an A.I. by Tony Stark and one wonders if it was based on Friday by Heinlein as well. Also, the X-men have a planet called Arrako which reminds readers of Arrakis. I like the tributes to the past.

    Shows how Boba Fett survived and there are appearances by Jawas, a Rodian like Greedo, the Gamorreans and Sand People. With Kenobi on the horizon, it looks like there are going to be a lot of Sand People stories. Credits said that this episode was directed by Robert Rodriguez. During the credits, I like the concept artwork.

    It was fine. Had heart. Boba Fett comes off a bit too soft and is challenged for it. When it comes to fear vs. respect in terms of rulership, Fennec Shand says she prefers fear just because it works better. Not sure if I should give a spoiler review or not. Boba Fett seems to have flashbacks every time he is put in an aquatic healing chamber. Wonder if the near death experience in the Sarlacc Pit changed him because I never thought of Boba Fett as a hero, but just a hired trigger-puller and slave trafficker for money.




    John Campea vid. I guess Ep 2 is out now. Feels a bit more like Star Wars. The Hutts are intimidating. So is the Wookie. Very Lawrence of Arabia. Terms set. He goes on some weird trip in a dream and brings back a branch?


    First episode was a bit stale and had Fett acting a bit out of character imo.

    Second episode was just awesome all around. Really enjoy it. And, that wookie bounty hunter Black Krrsantan was a bad ass!!






    Brother Legatus, A doomcock video, lmao. I spit coffee when it came on.

    I see More Star Wars = more doomcock “grain of salt” video’s

    Anyway, for me, Episode 1 was good, not great, but good it was able to bring us up on the back story of how he survived and got where he is now. Im good with it. Episode 2 was good as well. Boba was never a primary character so what they are doing is making Boba in to Clint Eastwood (really think they are reading scripts or watching old Clint spaghetti westerns and then adapting a few other Spagwesterns) to this show. I just keep waiting for that Good bad and ugly theme music.

    Dont get me wrong I love those old westerns, so this is fun for me, but I think they (disney) is very lost with where to go. As for ratings, its not people arnt watching it its will  Arggghhhhhh matey we can get it from the high sees and not pay for the moused other crap.


    So far so good, my only complaint is the pace is a bit slow

    Sand people driving lessons though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Totally respect Jeremy on this, that he does not watch it. He mentions Gina Carano fired as a reason. I tend to agree with him. Some people I know still enjoy going to Disney, but it’s not for me. If it were not for GeeksAndGamers, I’d have no interest in entertainment at all. I enjoy the contrarians now that everything is woke. Jeremy shows a tweet that reveals the thinking of them. Very astute. Very observant. Jeremy is right on this. He has substance and guts just to state the obvious in a common sense way.

    I gave star wars 40 years of my love through the movies, video games, books, comics, toys, etc and I’m completely over it. Disney has completely destroyed my love of this franchise even though they have managed, somehow, to put out some decent star wars things since buying the franchise.

    Honestly im the same way I have always been a die hard star wars fan and I watched everything I could. Played all the games read the books and all. I could never get enough star wars. Even with all the sequels and new stuff I found enjoyment out of it. But when they fired her that was my last straw. I just stopped all together. Really killed my passion for the franchise.

    When Jabba put a Bounty on Boba Fett and a Bounty Hunter War Erupted [Canon]
    The Lore Master
    When Jabba the Hutt put a bounty on Boba Fett and the War of the Bounty Hunters over Han Solo in carbonite


    I watched the 2 episodes while chilling, not paying 100% attention to the show, sometimes as a background sound while I do other stuff. So far I have no complaints, good stuff and didn’t see any propaganda so far, so it’s alright. I get it that he seems soft af and he shouldn’t be that soft, but let’s see… maybe it’s just part of character development.

    But ofc, as soon as I notice some propaganda I will stop watching lol I don’t pay disney+ anyway. x)

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