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    I want to enter the world of cosmere, is there any order where to start reading ?


    I havent read that series. The Mistborn books were very good and the ending of Wheel of Time was well done so Id say figure out what the first book is and run with it


      Mistborn is a good place to start, but any of his series work. There aren’t anything bigger than easter eggs until later books in the series.


      Well, the only Sanderson books I have read besides the Jordan books are his Stormlight Archive books. Those are really good though with a cast of very interesting characters.


      Cosmere is technically the “Universe” that each of Sanderson book’s take place in, even though each series takes place on it’s world.

      The cosmere is the greater universe in which The Stormlight Archive – and many of Brandon Sanderson’s other adult fiction books – take place. That is, the books take place on different worlds, and each of these worlds is set in the same small galaxy referred to as the cosmere. All of the books share a single creation myth (though not all cultures are aware of it), a single cosmology, and are connected by an overarching story. Brandon has said that one does not need any cosmere knowledge to understand the books, and that they can be enjoyed separately, but it will be necessary eventually to have a certain understanding of Realmatic Theory. Elements of the cosmere are slowly being added into the books, behind the scenes, until they come into the forefront with Dragonsteel and the final Mistborn trilogy.


      Ok now you have my attention. That is the kind of world building that requires attention to detail.


      <p style=”text-align: right;”>I would say start with mistborn aswell. Its an easier read than storm light and it will see if you like sandersons writing before you commit to the tomes that are stormlight. I started with mistborn>stormlight>warbreaker>elantris, but you can start wherever you want the interconnectedness of the world is in small things or characters so you really gotta pay attention to see the bigger picture of the cosmere. Also even if you dont see the conncections between books they are still fantastic fantasy stories. Last thing i suggest saving stormlight for last series to be read because stormlight i would say takes the most refrences its just cool to see all the little things sanderson has planned if you do end up liking mistborn or whatever you start with. Like I said do what you want ahaha i couldnt wait for stormlight so i just said F it and read it after mistborn, but reading elantris and warbreker before adds cool tidbits and SORRY FOR BEING SO LONG!!!</p>


      ^^^^also there are more stories in the cosmere I just said mistborn,stormlight, elantris, and warbreaker because those are the most popular.


      Damn, homie.
      Let’s Go, Brandon.

      Brandon Sanderson Opens Crowdfunding Campaign For New Book Series, Raises Over $20 Million In Just Three Days

      Just days after opening the crowdfunding campaign, storied fantasy and sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson – perhaps best known for his completing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and creating the Mistborn line of novels – has raised over $20 million in anticipation of a new line of books.

      Announced on March 1st, Sanderson’s Surprise! Kickstarter campaign offers readers the chance to receive four as-of-yet-publicly-unnamed books – three set in Sanderson’s original Cosmere universe and one described by the author as “something completely different” – in a series of blind box-style releases across the entirety of 2023.

      Speaking to the campaign’s secrecy, Sanderson explained that he and his team “thought it would be fun to keep those hidden for now.”


      Brandon Sanderson just proved my theory is valid.

      Crowdfunding books is the future. All you need is to earn trust and support of your fans/customers and they will hand you money for your stories.


      Enjoy hearing authors about an author. I appreciate you scrolling through the article. I pay one guy 99cents for his short stories that he releases on his site. I do prefer physical copies, but will say I prefer your flip digital copy to the scrolling pdf or whatever that I get for 99cents. His short stories are around 40 pages.


      Only reason I post this is because it’s kind of a noteworthy achievement. One of my favorite writers actually cheered this guy on and congratulated him.

      Author’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaign closes at $41.7 million

      Brandon Sanderson’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaign ends with $41.7 million | Engadget

      Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter campaign has topped $41.7 million from more than 181,000 backers and is the most-funded Kickstarter in the crowdfunding site’s history.

      Those that backed the campaign will get access to four new novels as either digital e-books, audio books or physical copies in 2023.
      People who spent over a certain threshold will also receive eight monthly subscription boxes of items related to Sanderson’s work.

      The author more than doubled the amount brought in by the previous record holder, Pebble.


      The Mistborn series is something the best I read from the fantasy.

      I highly recommend it.


      Free “Shadows of Self” eBook! + Weekly Update
      Aug 22, 2022 Welcome to Brandon Sanderson’s Weekly Update series, where he gives you a peek behind the curtain into works-in-progress and things to look forward to.

      This week, Brandon updates you on Stormlight 5 progress, offers details on getting a free “Shadows of Self” eBook (8/23 – 8/26), tells you where you can get the Bastille Bundle, gives info on “The Lost Metal” t-shirt contest, and talks about his appearance at the MTG Summit.

      To get your free copy of the “Shadows of Self” eBook (8/23 – 8/26), make sure and watch Brandon’s socials for the release.

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