California athletic officials threaten to call off high school track meet

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      So if I understand this correctly a small group of people were simply holding up banners saying “Protect Female Sports”.  When this was seen the event was stopped and these people were forced to leave.

      Ask yourself this. If that banner said “Protect Trans Rights” would that have happened?

      The thing that really concerns me here is not just the absolute hypocrisy but people being motivated by fear of the mob.  The machine of the radical left has been openly attacking all sorts of people for years.  First through social media, then with actual mobs and now with the full power of goverment behind it.

      This is very bad because first people just began to self censor and kept their opinions to themselves unless those opinions aligned with the ideology. Then attacks were ramped up so that you HAD to openly celebrate and agree to the agenda in many cases or it’s as if you spoke out against it.  Now I believe people are acting on behalf of the mob even if they don’t agree just so the mob does not come after them.



      Post-backlash, trans athletes are no-shows for state track meet

      Two transgender female high school athletes in California were no-shows for their race at Friday’s California State Preliminary Track and Field Championship…

      But not till AFTER they stole those two spots from BIOLOGICAL FEMALES.

      “The CIF is disappointed for two of our student-athletes and their families because due to the actions of others, they found it necessary to withdraw from the State Track and Field Championships out of concern for the student’s well being.”

      And what of the TRUE female student-athletes and their families that are having their chances removed by non-females taking it away from them?  What about THEM!  You hypocrites at CIF!


      And in places where they offer a male, a female, and a non-generic categories, most of these failed male-athletes decide to compete unfairly against biological females.

      And yet these same people CANNOT define a woman, but want other to believe these male failures are women.

      Women fought for equal rights, for the right to vote, etc, to only see them evaporating to the left’s “what is a woman?”  Now it even is not a mother, a birthing person, since they are deluded enough to say a MALE can also give birth BS!


      Glad that we’re finally starting to say no to this bs. We’ve been saying from the beginning that trans people should have their own category. I’ve no issues with them competing in sports but they shouldn’t be near the woman’s team for obvious reasons.


      “Now I believe people are acting on behalf of the mob even if they don’t agree just so the mob does not come after them.”

      That’s the way it’s always been. Collectivism always leads to tyranny.

      You know me, you know I am very pro lgbt equality. Even I have been accused of being anti-trans and anti-lgbt lately, because I don’t celebrate it and don’t believe it’s a lifestyle choice. Not by trans or lgbt people, mind you, but by lefty drones.


      And not they are calling you a BIGOT if you don’t allow

      Sam Ponder calls ‘fairness’ in woman’s sports

      Don’t be fooled by the people who screech about “fairness” to cloak their bigotry toward transgender girls and women, the transgender girls and women who have the audacity to want to play sports, in particular.

      You mean, don’t be fooled by those wanting to DISTROY females sports by including MALES, and name calling you when THEY are the BIGOTS.

      This is, and always was, about hate, fear and ignorance.

      Hatred for biological females.

      Fear about treating Biological females fairly.

      And Ignorance of the fact/science/health that females and males (trans-woman) are difference on all so many levels that i tis UNFAIR to to have them compete against each other.

      “I barely said anything publicly abt this issue & I’ve had so many ppl msg me, stop me in the street to say thank you+ tell me stories abt girls who are afraid to speak up for fear of lost employment/being called hateful. It is not hateful to demand fairness in sports for girls,” (ESPN’s Samantha) Ponder..

      And the reaction from the extremely toxic far alt-left HATE-MOB proves her and those girls correct.

      Here Ponder spoke up and the reaction (Calling her a bigot) proves it.

      To be clear: It is not. Boys and young men are not waking up in the morning and deciding to transition so they can a win a race that afternoon.

      But we have seen that all it takes is you walking up and register proclaiming “I am a woman” to be allowed to compete in the female category.


      Bearded man smashes women’s weightlifting record held by trans lifter

      Avi Silverberg, the head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting for more than 10 years, entered last weekend’s Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta, after identifying as a female.

      That was all it took.

      Video shared by athlete activist group the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) shows him walking up to the platform still fully bearded and wearing a regular men’s singlet.

      He then casually bench-pressed nearly 167kg — beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 45kg.

      The current record — 124kg pounds — is held by trans athlete Anne Andres, who was seen watching Silverberg while volunteering at the event.

      Andres also holds the Alberta women’s record for the dead lift, at 245kg.

      So all the talk about “just have the females train more” is all BS.

      ICONS said Silverberg “mocked the discriminatory (Canadian Powerlifting Union) policy” that allows competitors to register for events under their “gender identity and expression, rather than their sex or gender,” vowing “no consequences” for doing so.

      Hey, he followed the policy.  He “gender identified” for the event as FEMALE.

      And as the previous article wrote:

      Boys and young men are not waking up in the morning and deciding to transition so they can a win a race that afternoon.

      Well, Silverberg did.

      How many others will do that as well, if it means they can win (at all costs) and FCUK the true victims (biological females, their families and their sport) for organizations that are BIGOTS and allow for unfairness in female sports.


      Yes, your BIOTRY, Nancy Armour, USA TODAY is clearly showing.

      And if you want to be more “fair” why don’t you… in your own words;

      …detailing how most schools aren’t providing equitable funding for their men’s and women’s programs, are short-changing women athletes on scholarship money and are manipulating numbers to make it look as if they’re complying with Title IX, and how the federal government is doing little to stop it.

      And can you do that by also including how much money sponsorship and TV rights those schools get via male and female sports programs, and ask if which is being short changed and which is being over paid for?



        The mistake people are making here is the same one we as a society have been making for decades.  The radicals have been taking advantage of this the entire time.

        Radicals will want X to happen.  Normal people normally will innately think X is bad.  Radicals will say why do you hate this group because approving X will only accomplish X.

        So X gets approved because people don’t want to be “Hateful”.

        But people don’t seem to understand the radicals goal was not X.  The goal was several steps beyond that but X had to happen for the next steps to occur.  But the trick is the radicals will focus solely on X knowing the entire time where they are going.

        The slippery slope is not only real, it was the radicals plan all along.

        This is how we got here and continuing to play this game of ceding ground inch by inch because it’s just an inch has us backed up to a cliff edge and the radicals are now demanding yards at a time.

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