California Senator Looking to Normalize Pedophilia

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    So if they make it legal, does that mean Epstein’s estate does not have to pay anything to its victims?

    Does that mean Ghislaine Maxwell does not have to have a court hearing, and the power people in those sealed documents not getting their names out?


    Once again, the true VICTIMS are going to be victimized yet again.

    And our western culture will suffer as we will be force to accept this “live style”, to the ever growing list of immoral “life styles”.


    Any guess when some “liberal” politician will want to add “Bestiality” to the list of “life style” choices?


    I doubt it could posthumously absolve Epstein (or his surviving cohorts) because his island is in the Caribbean, but I’m sure there are many Epsteins in California who are lobbying for a law that would retroactively decriminalize their past (and maybe present) transgressions. No doubt such cases extend beyond California into NY, DC, and other places.


    Except that the law, courts, and reality in general tell the real story. It is literally a business for women to use men, in exchange for sex. The proper term is prostitution, but there are all kinds of fun new ways of labeling it. Such as sugar baby/daddy. Men are disproportionately put in prison and have their lives ruined, where women, including younger women in their teens, reap the rewards of ruining those men’s lives. It is skewed very much towards men being vilified and destroyed, when these women are the actual predators.


    Yes, it does recognize pedophilia. They’ve just been waiting for the “right moment” to openly push it on society.


    There are plenty of grown women having sex with children.


    The simple fact is that it’s everywhere. I hate to say it, but even companies like Hasbro are involved in the pedo culture. The roots are frighteningly deep and widespread.

    Hasbro is trying to fly under the parent’s radar.


    Even if it’s “legalized”, which I’ll never accept as valid law, it can’t absolve them period. Just because they’re trying to prevent legal action, doesn’t change the heinous reality of their actions.

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      Usually boys though, that is still wrong, but not gay.


      No, you just hear about the men more often. Women are even worse.


      “The California State Senate passed a controversial reform to its sex offender registry Monday that would allow a young adult who has gay sex with a minor to escape registering in some cases, based on a judge’s discretion.”

      So if it’s non-gay sex with minors then it’s still criminal? Slowly we inch…

      2040s republican


      Libtards really cant meme. That shit is retarded.




      Im not sure who made that “meme” tbh XD

      It kinda targets both sides lol but it’s not very funny…

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