Castlevania season 4

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    First off, I love this season. To me, this might be the best season because it felt like the story came straight from the game.

    Was there some wokeness? Sadly, yes it was, but if you can fight through the “check marks”, then you get the urge to play SOTN after the finale.

    I wanna talk about the possibilities going forward.



      Fighting through the woke points to watch it means they will get sales and views.

      Which means they are going to make more woke stuff.

      Just say no.


      honestly, I really don’t watch too much shit as it is.

      One of my first games I beat was Castlevania 1 on the nes.


      I enjoyed this season a lot, especially the climactic ending between Trevor and Death itself. However, the epilogue has me scratching my head; Dracula and Lisa get to live? Does that mean the story stops? Will we no longer get to see the rest of the Belmonts from the games? The rest of the stories from the rest of the games? No Simon? No Richter? No Maria Renard? No Shaft the Dark Priest? No John Morris, Eric Licarde or Elizabeth Bartley? No Reinhardt Schneider or Carrie Fernandez? Nothing after this? We never even got Grant Dynasty. Idk what he would’ve been like in the show but in the game, he’s a hunchback pirate that can climb walls.

      The anime itself was fantastic but underwhelming to say the least, especially after the finale of season 2 because it felt too fast to kill Dracula, especially when there was a lot more to explore in the castle and of the Romania country. I could only assume they had a plan. I’m not sure now.


      This is the final season for the three.


      They are suppose to make a spinoff story for the future of Castlevania. I hope they do Simon’s story for this spinoff. Simon is by far the most popular Belmont because he was the original.

      I don’t know how they will do the Dracula side of things. Maybe Death comes back every 100 years, and kills Dracula’s wife to start the bullshit off again.


      Maybe Death comes back every 100 years

      Death is actually unkillable and always exist as long as evil lurks in the hearts of humans. Yes, he can be defeated but you just can’t kill the god of Death. Of course, Ellis’s fan fiction most likely has a different story for him so what do I know (or care)?


      Well death is represented in every castlevania I think. It makes sense if he’s the catalyst for all the events throughout the Castlevania saga.

      Another cool thing they can do is have the offspring of Dracula go against the offspring of the Belmonts.

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