China Warns It May Detain Americans

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      China warns it may detain americans

      Chinese government officials are warning their American counterparts they may detain U.S. nationals in China in response to the Justice Department’s prosecution of Chinese military-affiliated scholars, according to people familiar with the matter.

      The Chinese officials have issued the warnings to U.S. government representatives repeatedly and through multiple channels, the people said, including through the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

      The Chinese message, the people said, has been blunt: The U.S. should drop prosecutions of the Chinese scholars in American courts, or Americans in China might find themselves in violation of Chinese law.

      In other words, allow our agents to go free and do what they do, or we will take hostages of your citizens (like we do with other nations) on phony charges.

      We, the CCP are above everyone’s laws.

      Chinese authorities have on occasion detained foreign nationals in moves seen by their governments as baseless, or in some instances as diplomatic retaliation, a tactic that many in Washington policy circles have referred to as “hostage diplomacy.” China has denied U.S. citizens permission to exit from the country, and arrested, charged or sentenced Canadian, Australian and Swedish citizens on what officials from those governments have said are bogus allegations.

      We need to stop bending the knee to those fascists.

      Return all the manufacturing goods and jobs, take our investment dollars away, and not put the lives of our business people, diplomats and their families in harms way.

      If they want to talk to anyone in the west, they need to come to us, or to a third country.

      But doing business where you can be detained without cause at any time just to make a political point…. not worth it.


      We must rethink how we deal with the CCP.

      I do my part by trying not buying anything I can that is made by those trapped by communism.

      Do yours.

      Stop filling their coffers with out hard earned wages.

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