Church of England bishops refuse to allow same-sex marriages

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    Church of England bishops refuse to allow same-sex marriages

    The Church of England will refuse to allow same-sex couples to get married in its churches under proposals set out on Wednesday in which the centuries-old institution said it would stick to its teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    As it should be, and in all churches of all faiths.

    Under the proposals, same-sex couples could have a service in which there would be “prayers of dedication, thanksgiving or for God’s blessing on the couple” in church after a civil marriage.

    Love the person/sinner, but not the SIN.

    “I am under no illusions that what we are proposing today will appear to go too far for some and not nearly far enough for others, but it is my hope that what we have agreed will be received in a spirit of generosity, seeking the common good,” said Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    The promotion of SIN is something any church should be opposed to.

    Separately, Church of England bishops will be issuing an apology later this week to LGBTQI+ people for the “rejection, exclusion and hostility” they have faced in churches, according to the statement.


    The faithful should REJECT sin, REJECT people breaking God’s Ten Commandments (aka The Sin of Adultery).

    The Church of England, which was founded in 1534, has been divided for years on how to deal with same-sex marriages, with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists fighting for the same rights as heterosexual Christians.

    Everyone has the same right…. to NOT commit sins, be sorrowful for your sinful acts, and asking GOD for forgiveness.

    I REJECT the demands to openly SIN, and in GOD’S house of worship.


      How can a person have faith in HIS/HER Church  in the Christian Faith when the Church condones a clear Sin?

      The simple answer is they should not… In fact I would state they should leave the church or stop donations to it, until the Church comes out and flat out says. If you are an unrepentant sinner there is no place for you in the church or any of its sacraments. Nor will we provide any service to you including Marriage, Housing, Financial or Food services.

      One of the many reasons I stopped attending churches, was when they started allowing in the congregation sin to continue and even  condoning it and make no mistake performing a ceremony God himself condemns is in itself a sin….


      And there is a difference between what the church allows and what the State says is permissible.  Should people be able to marry whomever they want? The State says yes. So let a judge or someone else marry them. But the Church should forbid it, if not they are sinning as well by violating the word they are professing to preach.  This is one of those times You cannot have it Both ways. God sure wont see it that way.


        A priest or pastor should never be forced to go against his faith. It is stuff like the OP and the article I posted as to why I don’t like going to church. How do you really know your church is not teaching 100% truth? We have governments interfering in, or trying to interfere with, faith. You end up with stuff like this article with its spin and twisted wordsalad garbage LYING about what the bible teaches.

        I have become “closer” to the Christianity I grew up on the older I get and the further the world falls. I studied prophecy and revelations a great deal when I was young, and I see the signs everywhere now days. However, I am not going to be a church goer, for many reasons. People try to tell me you HAVE to go to church. No, you don’t. Nowhere in the bible does it say you will not go to heaven if you don’t go to church. It only talks about the fellowship of church, etc. I am not a follower type person, never have been, I don’t like leaders because leaders are corruptible. Groups try to force things on you and be part of their hivemind. I can have a “relationship” with god on my own.



          “People try to tell me you HAVE to go to church. No, you don’t”

          I am with you here.  I currently do not attend a Church either although I am considering it just for the people reasons.  I can speak with God whenever I wish and I can pray to him all day long without stepping foot in a building. I don’t want to be lead astray by someone conforming to this world.

          And no I don’t think I have all the answers or anywhere close.  I just think your journey with and to God is a personal one and I do not want to be lead off the path by a wolf.

          And you are right about Church.  The Bible (to my knowledge) says to keep the Sabbath holy it does not say go to a building on Sunday.



          This comes after a woman who thankfully did not become one of the many varied leaders of the tory party last year told the CofE that it should do just that, pointing out that the Scottish and Welsh churches will. As far as I know she made no similar demands of the other Christian churches or of any of the non-Christian religions.

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