Classic Rides/Attractions That Are Sorely Missed

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    I know that it’s a bit of a downer and since I like Universal Studios, I think it would be fitting to put this RIP thread on attractions that many of us might have been on or is a favorite when we visited.


    In my case, my top 5 that I seriously miss are as follows:


    Jurassic Park the Ride

    Back to the Future

    T2 3D Battle Across Time

    Original King Kong attraction that got burned


    As for certain attractions that I have a fuzzy memory of…the only one that I vaguely remember as a kid was the special effects show of Conan and the first Special Effects Show in the 90s.


    I also remember back in the early 2000s, I did get to try the original King Kong attraction in Florida, followed by the other ones: Earthquake and Jaws. (Yup, the ones that as I later learned had issues back in the day when the park was trying to get ready for being open to the public).



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