Clearly there is a “groomer” problem

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      We have seen it all over in some schools, parts of Disney and a number of other places.  Either I am insane or their is a SERIOUS groomer/podophile problem. Maybe I am naïve and it was always there. But it sure seems to me it is all over the place now.

      This article is an example of how horrible this.  The first instinct of every man and woman should be to protect children not to destroy them so they can be used for sexual purposes.

      Clearly the slippery slope argument from decades ago has come to fruition on some level.

      All adults must come together and fight things like this.  I don’t care if you are black, white, gay, straight or whatever.  We need to all find unity in this topic.

      God help these children in this story.



        I was explaining a few things that are going on with schools while at work one night. One Pharmacist flat out told me. “No that is not happening, that’s not true”. So, I showed him proof, he was utterly baffled. I think a lot of this is the legacy news spinning and misinforming people about what is going on, or just not even talking about a lot of it. People are either MISinformed, or not informed at all. That is what really needs to change.

        Parents are too bogged down in work, keeping their bills up, housework, yardwork, etc to set there and be informed. I know, because my main co-worker is a bit like that, and she admits it to me. So, I give her the tools to become more informed. There needs to be an app or something for Parents with daily little news updates on the realities going on.


          Well said @DarthVengeant , I think you are very correct.  And even on top of that some of the stuff going on is so egregious that it is actually hard to believe sometimes just how far things have deviated for normalcy.


          Any parent putting work before their children is defective and deserves their bloodline to be enslaved and destroyed.  The weak must die. Such is nature’s will. Those allowing their children to be raised by the state are defects. Their blood has no future. Only the strong can have any hope and any right to survive. But not in the US anymore. That country is gone. The subhuman are in control.


          I can remember at work a few years ago when we had a meeting and a woman who was part of the whole LGBT+ support clamed that her 8 year old daughter was LGBT+ . NO 8 year old kid should even be aware of stuff like that at that age. The only explanation that came to mind was that her daughter probably came up with that because a celebrity she liked came out as LGBT! I kept a straight face of course but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I get that some kids are aware very early on but 9/10 it’s usually a fad because some celebrity they like has came out!


          It’s not at all unusual for homosexuality to manifest itself at that age or earlier. Of course there is no sexual desire at that age, because the hormones aren’t active before puberty. So perhaps homosexuality is the wrong term.

          But for example gay men will often tell you that they were either very effeminate as boys, or liked playing with dolls or dress in girls clothing as early back as they can remember. When you ask them at what age they knew they were gay, the

          “In their 1995 report, Bailey and Kenneth Zucker revealed that, in retrospective studies (the second method used to examine the relation between childhood behavior and adult sexual orientation, in which adults simply answer questions about their childhoods) 89 percent of randomly sampled gay men recalled cross-sex-typed childhood behaviors exceeding the heterosexual median. ”

          There’s a reason parents since the dawn of civilization have worried when their son put on makeup or played with dolls. It usually meant: no grandkids from this one.

          Of course nowadays the waters have become murky, since kids are bombared with propaganda in schools or from celebrities as you mentioned that being lgbt is hip. It also means you become untouchable to bullies. Any bully picking on a gay kid these days is harshly punished, while bullying disabled kid or autistic kid or just normal white kid is all but encouraged. Kids will do virtually anything to avoid being bullied. So nowadays you have a lot of “fake gay” kids trying to jump onto the gravy train.



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            WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE FOOK…………..


            Was very surprised there was a thread on this topic.
            You got guts.


            I said it again and again and again. People don’t wanna listen. ALL Democrats are pedophiles. Whether actively und subconsciously. But to a certain degree they all are.

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