Climate Lock-down

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      Yeah, this has been talked about for a while. Think it was the World Economic Forum which basically introduced the idea.

      They know they can’t keep COVID as a pretense for lockdowns forever – Even the most bluepilled of normies is going to start thinking that maybe the government is the problem if they do – When that happens, they’ll move the goalposts to climate change: Arguing that lack of travel due to the lockdowns leads to less CO2 emissions and so we must all do our part or whatever. If people still comply, then lockdowns will never end and life will never return to how it was pre-2020. It’ll crush whatever small businesses are left.


      Folks like Dave Cullen (aka Computing Forever on BitChute, banned from YouTube fairly recently… bet you can guess why in a second) has been talking about this stuff for a while.  Look into the Overton Window if you’re not already familiar with the concept- basically the art of death by a thousand cuts.


      Stuff like this will continue to exist since the average person is dumber than a bag of shit. It’s why I have less respect for most people these days. Normies just piss me off.


      Does normies mean normal people?

      Sorry I’m not familiar with the new lingo


      @Loken Short version, yes.

      A normie is someone who just goes along whatever is the current mainstream cultural and political trend. They lack the imagination to think that anything could be different, living in the present, looking neither to the past or the future.

      For example, in regards to LGBT, a normie would put pronouns and/or the rainbow flag in their bio – Even if they’re not gay, transgender or even a true believer in the political ideology – They’re just doing it because it’s part of the larger cultural zeitgeist and want to prove that they’re a “good person” and they very likely live a nuclear family lifestyle. What they don’t realize what they’re doing is essentially marking themselves as Leftists (even when they’re not) and the more anti-social right-wingers are unable to restrain themselves and start hurling insults at them, therefore reinforcing the view that the Left must be “good” while the Right is “evil.” (It’s kind of a brilliant tactic on the Left’s part, actually).

      If we lived in some sort of alternate timeline where the Axis powers won WWII and homosexuality likely remained criminalized – I’m pretty certain most normies would just go along with that. Human beings are essentially pack animals; it’s innate for us to have the approval of others for survival, so most people don’t dare to stand out in some way.

      The term emerged out of 4chan because 4chan is made up of raging autists and social outcasts who do long for group approval but don’t want to compromise their individual integrity, so they’ve become pariah’s anyway for their opinions. That’s why the term is generally attached with connotations of disdain: Normies don’t hold any opinions that aren’t already approved by every mainstream institution and will be quick to ostracize anyone who does.


      Righto, makes more sense now. Thanks for replying!

      What do you call people who don’t care about the left nor right?


      A centralist.

      A libertarian.

      A non-political person.




      Do for me!

      Thanks Legatus


      Enlightened radical alt-centrist lmao

      It’s fine not to be interested in politics (it’s mostly just idiots screaming “NO U” at each other); what matters more is your moral character. The main problem is that most normies don’t have any and then get invested in political causes (generally left-wing ones), and then advance something while having no clue on what kind of negative impact it would actually have on society.

      Wise people don’t involve themselves in something they have little to no knowledge on.


        Proverbs 15:14
        “The mind of the intelligent seeks knowledge, But the mouth of fools feeds on foolishness.”


        So basically this

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