Coinbase gets SEC notification

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      It could all be one big rug-pull. I see it all as just looting. Banks failing. Exchanges closing. One big financial attack. I do not see it as a mistake or a mess or a condition, but as looting and losses just passed to the public. Gensler already sucks as a regulator and we saw that with FTX. It is very dirty.

      Binance halts trading:


      This SEC is pretty annoying with its regulation. Its actions annoy everyone, both exchange owners and most ordinary users. Despite the fact that I have not used an exchange for a long time. Exactly because of such actions from SEC, I decided that it is better to use bitcoin blender for transfers because I want to keep safe the information about the number of my assets, amount of transactions, and other information, which will be connected with my assets one way or another. And in principle, I am more impressed with the work of such a blender than with the principles of exchanges. Since Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are easy to trace, the bitcoin blender protects the identity of users by hiding connections between their bitcoin addresses and real identities, making them more anonymous and private.

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      Oh thank you, you helped me with this information.

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