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    I’ve established my streaming channel on Twitch and I’m ready to show my content! I’m a retro gaming fanatic, I love classic gaming and there’s so many I want to explore but not without sharing them with everyone. ^^

    I already have everything set up, not perfectly considering this is my first time I officially do this under the name ‘Console Cretins’ which is what my friend decided to name what the show is going to be. I have so many consoles, I feel like such a cretin owning them. But the best part is going to be the theme of the show; 80s-ish. Yes, that’s why my avatar has that neon sunset, triangle and vector lines beneath the Abra holding the controller. I feel that my favorite pokemon is the closest to being a cretin, plus a majority population love Pokemon and Abra is my favorite.

    So that said, I will be streaming today for the first time officially because I have my overlays set up with awesome retro overlays, retro alerts and retro equipment. Yes, you heard me right; I’ll be streaming with a VHS camcorder! That kind of shitty quality will be the highlight of my stream because no one uses the old stuff anymore, right? Well… until today that is! When people see it, they’ll be shocked to see and wonder ‘Who uses that anymore?’ Haha!

    Well I’d like to bring more retro content to Geeks and Gamers anyway so this panal can be all about what I play, what I should play next and enjoy the retro awesomeness of my channel. If you’re interested in following me, please do so and let’s get RETRO RAD! That’s so corny yet ain’t that the point? XD


    Best of luck, dude!  Sounds awesome.  Thinking of doing any Youtube content as well?


    Yes of course. I want to make reviews on these games I play, edit them and upload them on youtube while on Twitch, I stream.

    So my stream was partially successful because the problem with my stream last night was I had both OBS Streamlabs AND my Twitch channel on. The problem with that is that the audio circulates and it left echoes with my voices and the sounds from the game. So next time, I’ll remember to leave that closed. But What I need to do is record my gameplay footage and myself being recorded so I can get my reactions. But it hasn’t been tested yet. I have Streamlabs open to stream, regular OBS to record the gameplay and I need a third software to record what my camera is recording; Me of course. lol But yeah, with those, I’ll edit my videos, voice my script and upload it on youtube. I’m just working on another video before I get to my Super Star Wars.

    But speaking of which, that’s what I played and I was finally able to beat it. If you played it, what’d you think of it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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