Could the Force make Star Trek’s transporters useless?

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    I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and I thought I’d reach out to fellow Star Wars fans (and maybe Trekkies) on the subject. In the event that a transporter from the Star Trek Universe attempts to transport a powerful Force User (Palpatine, Vader, Revan, Nihilus, Sion, Malgus, etc…), could said Force User use the Force to hold their molecules together, making any attempt to transport them impossible?

    …and if it’s not possible, is there another workaround for an unwanted transport that exists in the Star Wars univserse?


    In Star Trek, there are ways to BLOCK transporter locks.

    So in theory, Force Users can do the same… over a short period of time using the force until they can get the technology to block it without them having to concentrate their will on not being transported.

    Just like how they can deflect energy (plaster fire, force energy) with their hands, I don’t how long they can resist a constant lock attempt.

    Also, since in some ST episodes they used the transporters to remove viruses and other things from a host during transport, what would happen if they where teleporting a force user, scans notice the midiclorians and they remove them (if they can – not knowingly or knowingly).

    If so, can if be reversed?  And can it then be used to imbed a non-force sensitive with it?

    Interesting concept @Verkano


    Force Sensitive Starfleet Officers…Force Sensitive Klingons…scary thought.

    I wanted to see what others thought, but I’ve come to the belief that powerful Force users can block transporter locks. The example I usually cite is Darth Scion who was constantly using the Force just to hold his decomposing body together.  He was in constant pain, but since he was using the Dark Side, it only fueled his abilities, and he could not die until he was able to let go of the Dark Side and submit to death. If we combine this with Darth Plagueis’ ability to manipulate midichlorians to create life, then, at least in the case of Darksiders, they should be able to prevent themselves from being transported.

    I’ve seen a lot of misguided Wars vs. Trek posts on social media where they think a simple transport would be enough to stop someone like Vader or Palpatine. With the example Darth Scion and Darth Plagueis set combined with the fact that Vader is also in constant pain and it only makes him stronger in the Dark Side, I just don’t see transporters affecting Vader. Maybe it could affect Palpatine, but considering how much more powerful he is than Vader, I doubt it.


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