Creating A New RPG Tabletop Game

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    I’m creating a new fantasy/rpg tabletop game. You can watch the YouTube video here:

    The rulebook is already done and now I’m working on the board layout and producing the miniatures that will represent characters on the board. The game will ship with neoprene map(s) for the board. The play style resembles the board game BattleTech. It’s a fantasy/rpg game where you can design your own characters, equip weapons, spells, level up, and most importantly have fun; which is what all gaming is supposed to be about :)



      I don’t care who you vote for.

      I don’t care who you think is hot.

      I don’t even care if you like keesh.

      But, please help bring back fun and creativity!  :)

      Keep updating us if this is something you are serious about.  I love new and unique things.


      Thanks! Yes, I am serious about this. I’m currently working on getting board miniatures for character types made/3d printed. As I posted above I already have the rules down, its 35 pages. That covers character creation, how to resolve battle rolls with magic, hand to hand weapons like swords daggers, and ranged weapons, bonuses for flanking attacks, how vampires work in the game, … everything. But I’ll most likely be making some minor adjustments to the rule book before the game starts to ship. I’m also working on a rough draft “Monster” Book for the game. That book details the monsters in the fantasy world and will instruct players on how to design their own monsters. Here’s a rough draft of the Black Spider from the Monster book I’m currently working on.

      The following image and text is intellectual property all rights reserved :)





      I was going with some neoprene rubber boards but today I talked with someone who offered to help me create a modular board design. So right now I’m pivoting the board design to have laser cut wood hexes with engraved terrain artwork on them. That means, if I go this route, the game box will ship with individual wood hex board pieces which players can place how they want to create a game board with the terrain they want. Going to give the individual some artwork/designs for the board and see how it turns out. Exciting!


      I had a page on Patreon about Wizard Bane but Patreon and I had a disagreement.

      I’m currently setting up a new website for information regarding Wizard Bane and will no longer be using Patreon.

      Other news regarding my project the person who was going to help me create the board wants it to be in a different design than what I want. So I won’t be going with laser cut wood pieces for the board and am moving back to neoprene maps.


      Yes, I am still working on this. :)

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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