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    A great trilogy of books!  I read these books a long time ago and just recently picked them back up and got a lot more out of them this time around.  Ever wondered what a society would be like in a “feminist” utopia?  check out Dark Elf Trilogy to get a small taste of a fantasy based system that has gained the ire of many soyboys who want this book removed from the logs for being “sexist”.  But isn’t everything these days with these fucking drags on society?

    Fuck them and read a great trilogy of books.

    The Dark Elf Trilogy is a prequel to the Icewind Dale Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore. Drizzt Do’Urden, a drow, or dark elf, was originally written as a supporting character in the Icewind Dale Trilogy.

    Drizzit is a class and iconic character with many flaws and great skills taught to him by his father Zaknafein the weapons master.  He was filled with pride when Drizzt returned from the Academy having graduated at the top of his class for nine of the ten years he spent there. All the same, he was afraid to interact with his son, fearing that Drizzt had become just another evil drow fighter.

    Find out for yourself how this plays out.  Trust me it is worth your time.


      Bro! the dark elf books were my shit back in highschool. love them.


      Yeah man!  These books always give me something new when I read them.  Maybe at some point if this thread gets big enough I will create a spoiler only section were we can talk shop and how the houses work within Drow Society.  I just was hoping to gain some interest in these books here and not give out any spoilers to ruin their reading experience.  High school was about the time I got into these books too.

      I heard a rumor that Drizzit is going to be in BG3.  He is such a classic character that breaks the mold of the Underdark character types.

      One of my favorite characters in the Ice Wind Dale Saga.  And inspired lots of campaign stories set in the realm.

      We did an all Drow elf Campaign back in the day due to how much all my friends also enjoyed him.


        Sounds good. I’m a bit  rusty on the lore since its been years. Be interested in seeing him BG3. On a side note, it looks like dark elves and orcs might be canceled in D&d 5th.


        It’s been 20 years easy since I read these, let alone the continuing saga of Drizzt. I dipped out…well…Silent Blade I think was the last one I had on my shelf, and I never even finished it.


        But I was always a huge Drizzt fan. Back when my characters were still actively being played with table top, my main trained  to dual wield from Drizzt in a campaign. Granted it happened off camera during another part of the quest when I was using a different character…but it happened!!! heh.



        I mean I wouldn’t doubt that man.  Every.Single.Hobby has been bullied into bending the knee to these people.  While I have no issue with new people getting into the game and being welcomed into the fold the truth is 98% of them are not here because they enjoy what we enjoy.  They have joined to tell us how we can play and what we are going to play.  Meanwhile holding up the game while being a total drag on everyone around them.


        I use to run bi weekly games with anywhere from 4-8 people per session.  Each person was allowed to bring a guest if they wanted to get into the session with us.  I personally welcomed anyone into my games.  We are not the kind of people they like to paint us as.  Never once have I ever met one of these weirdos in real life.  The gay boy couple are have been a part of my game for years and there has never even been a question about such things.  Just a couple of bros who bring extra pizza and soda with them to the games.

        We game for the fun of it all and not what is going on in real life.  This is our escape from all the nonsense.  Yet the extremes of both sides would have you think people just can’t get along and are triggered by everything.   Only on the internet do I find these people who are always upset over the smallest of things like Slavers in a fantasy game.  Or Elves that hate Drow Elves.

        We have some fun with it and can get out right “racist” in our games.  You know how close friends can act in a closed involvement.  Harmless fun.  Yet they want to make you think it is not harmless and very problematic.

        Fuck those people, they are such a small voice, yet have such a large impact if we allow them.

        I write my own home brew rules that I run by my players which we all agree upon a system and roll with it.

        We don’t need their new rules and non sense.  They forget this fact and lose money.. Get woke, go broke!


        Heh, thanks for sharing Roas.  Drizzit and his double Scimitars are very bad ass!  I forget their names off the top of my head too.  It has been about 5 years since I read the whole thing front to back.

        The great thing about this trilogy is that I think it is on audible books.  I will have to check for you.  Great driving materiel.  I have almost tripled my book intake with the audio books.  As I drive quite often and have a few hours at a time when driving.



        Unfortunately, I could never play a Dark elf or everyone thought I was trying to play Drizzt :(

        I actually liked the Dark Elf mage that was Raistlin’s apprentice…


        The apprentice was not a dark elf in the real sense of the word, Krynn campaign setting does not have drow at all.


        Yeah this is a symptom of something not so well known hitting the mainstream.  Soon it becomes almost a joke in itself.

        Like in my WoW days making a character named Legolas!  Hey look at me guys I am an elf named Legolas!!!  lol/kek

        This is why when I find little hidden gems I tend to just keep it to myself in fear of it being ruined by mainstream appeal.



        Love the Twins! Raistlin is by far one of my top picks on characters I grew up with that I very much enjoy.

        That was the thing about Avengers movie.  Thor’s whole dumpy/drunk character arc was ripped straight from the pages of The Twins.

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