Dawn Of DCU Details Roll In…They Ain’t Pretty

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    Are they trying to get me to cancel my remaining DC pull-box?

    None of these new titles sounds worth getting.

    And what they do with the legacy characters will determine my future new purchases.


    So far, I have been finding I would rather purchase back issues of the pre-original CRISIS era, than what they have been doing over at DC Comics.





    The Justice League is still No-More.

    Welcome The Titans as the #1 superhero team in the DCU?  WTF! !


    I was never one for the Titan’s family.

    Be it the Titans, Teen Titans, New Titans, etc.

    So for me, this is a big “YAWN”, not for me, I am not subscribing to this title, etc.


    The Superman line of comics at DC Comics is changing in a big way in 2023, as new creative teams and series will take the hero and his family in an all-new direction. One of the most significant changes coming is to Action Comics. Previously, the comic focused on the adventures of Kal-El’s Superman, but the new story will redirect the focus to different members of the Superman family. Supergirl, Superboy, Jon Kent’s Superman, Natasha Irons, and Kong Kenan’s Super-Man of China will all be showcased in different arcs featuring each hero. As part of the extended family being spotlighted, the Superman family got great costume redesigns from Dan Mora, which are featured in new cover art for Action Comics #1052.

    As I have rejected the Super-man of CCP, Jon Kent’s super-wtf, and I used to have ALL the Steel series (now this gender swapping to Natasha over John Henry)…

    That is THREE characters I have no longer for.

    I had collected all the Supergirl and Superboy monthly titles that I could since I started collection DC Comics.

    Currently, Action Comics has a secondary story (which increased the price per issue), as does Detective Comics, with secondary stories in the issues as well.

    But if they go back to making it so that Superman only appears in a story every now and then (and does not have a regular solo monthly series)…

    … I might just have to say FCUK IT!  I had in my collection every Action Comics since #397.

    And once we hear more of what they are doing to the other main titles…

    If DC Comics gonna be doing this SH!T everywhere, I will have to look long and hard to see how many of the remaining titles I collect I will be dropping, with them pushing their already rejected characters (from failed series of their own) to titles I currently collect.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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