DC’s New Trinity Unite as Justice League Lore Changes Forever (they hope)

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    DC’s New Trinity Unite as Justice League Lore Changes Forever

    With the original Justice League of heroes having been dead…

    First falsehood!  If this is how they start off, this fake news article is obviously meant to spread misinformation!

    Standing together with Jon and Yara as a new Trinity in the DCU, the new Batman (Jace Fox), Wonder Woman, and Superman work together to take down Pariah, a dynamic debut with the promise of more adventures to come.

    Please NO!  Each of their solo series have failed as no one wants/likes these disgraces to the original characters they are trying to take over.

    Even though the original Justice League officially returns from the dead in this new issue, it seems this new DC Trinity is here to stay…

    FUCK NO!

    The original JL has officially returned.  We don’t need nor want these brats. Let alone taking the mantles of their superior characters they were created to replace at all costs.

    5Gm Future State, etc, what ever you wanted to call it, the paying customers (fans) have already solidly REJECTED!

    If DC wants stories with the three rejects, send them off to become part of the Legion of Super-Heroes/Legionaires.

    We don’t want them in the main DCUniverse.

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