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    Splatoon shared images of Dedf1sh (also called Acht) and used they/them pronouns. In the Japanese account, it translates to “he” but could be a mistranslation. I hope it’s a mistranslation. It’s scary that Nintendo used they/them pronouns to one person. Nintendo could be getting woke, which is something I feared the most. Is it because they said that Shiver is female and want to make up for it?  Could this be the end of Nintendo?Screen


    Yeah you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Pikmin 1+2 censored male/female language because of woke localizers.

    I actually am looking to throw out an anti-trust against woke localizers.


    I hope you’re right.


    That’s what I know for now. Localizers bastardization is the only thing to get worried about ATM. Let’s keep our eyes peeled.


    So now Nintendo is hiring woke localizers. This is what I was afraid of. Now Nintendo will be bending the knee to the pronoun monsters.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Actually it may not be that cut and dry. Yes they are hiring Woke localizers, But there are at least 3 possibilities as to why: 1, Nintendo of American is deliberately going woke with third parties. 2, there could be a lack of competition with localizers leaving the only people who run the show are woke. 3, Nintendo is being forced to have woke localizers due to recent events of the woke agenda being pushed into the video game industry.</p>

    Lack of choice and affordability might be playing into that role. We can’t just assume that Nintendo is woke or going woke but that also is a possibility. More information is needed.


    Also the fact that the Splatoon franchise is mostly played by these freaks.


    Trust me, I see them in there, I know. All the more reason to keep fighting.


    And like I said, in the Japanese Twitter account, or X rather, it translates Acht to having he/him pronouns. But it’s translated by Google which isn’t very reliable. Hopefully it ends up like the Shiver situation where these losers thought she was non-binary, but Nintendo confirmed Shiver is a girl. Also, pronouns work differently in Japan.


    I didn’t notice the pronoun thing in Pikmin, as it wasn’t a huge story driven game like Xenoblade. As long as this doesn’t affect our enjoyment of the game (like Xenoblade) it should be fine. Also like Xenoblade we can leave the woke stuff to Twitter weirdos and just focus on gameplay story. Nintendo is very protective of their IPs. They won’t let them be destroyed by wokeness.


    I hope so. And for me, it’s just about keeping the original translations. This purely malicious to change the language.


    DEDF1SHThis is from the official Nintendo website.


    I wonder why they changed the pronouns in the Twitter post then. Could it be to get more people to talk about it? Creating controversy has been free marketing in recent years after all.


    Nintendo often steers away from explicit controversy like that. If Nintendo got even a whiff of actual controversy, they’d be backpedalling faster than anyone else.

    Theyre so afraid of bad PR from fan content, they stop all people who are associated with controversial moments.


    It’s going to end up like the Shiver situation where these losers thought Shiver was non-binary because Nintendo didn’t refer to her with gender specific pronouns, then Nintendo confirmed that Shiver is female and all these nimrods lost their shit. Japanese pronouns work differently from what I heard.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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