Democrats join European elites in despising the First Amendment

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    Democrats join European elites in despising the First Amendment

    …global elites gathered in Davos, Switzerland to call for more censorship alongside American journalists and politicians, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) introduced a bill to ban “hate speech” that would perpetuate “white supremacy.”

    And what of “hate speech” against whites?  Of non-whites towards other non-whites?

    Who gets to decide what is “white supremacy” and therefore banned speech? Why Sheila Jackson Lee, of course, along with her Democratic colleagues, who are quick to label anything they don’t like as “white supremacy.” They even throw that label at black Republicans.

    Just like the sith, you are either 100% for me, or you are against (HATE!  Shut you down!)

    What Jackson Lee is calling for is an end to the First Amendment entirely. She wants us to be like those more tolerant Europeans who arrest people for social media posts that hurt someone’s feelings. It is a full abandonment of the concept of free speech and of America itself.

    That is because those HATEFILLED marxist/democrats HATE America will all their being.  HATE anyone who stands in their was of DESTROYING America, its values, etc.



        And yet people flock to come to the USA because of our amendments



          Her introducing that bill is in direct violation of the Constitution and Oath she took.


            She is one of the absolute establishment puppets who puts forth whatever crazy stuff they tell her too.


            First amendment will be officially gone in less than 5 years. Mark my words.

          Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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