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    Some of these threads are getting looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.


    It should be an option to have pages or just one page, but I find it easier this way to find a reply to a specific post by using ctrl+f.


    Considering they already have the coding.

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    Or maybe they thought a topic would run out of steam before we had to worry about breaking them up into pages, or starting a pt.2 thread.


    There are several quality of life tweaks necessary to the forums in general to make thread navigation and posting a little more comfortable and easier.

    This is the bumpy road when a forum is created from scratch and not cookie cutter, so I’m sure given time they will take our comments and suggestions and put out a cleaner final product. I mean, Jeremy wants/needs this to be success so he can continue to expand this platform and give us all more social media freedom of choice, therefore, I doubt our comments are being ignored.


    Mods wake up!!!



    To be fair I do think they’re improving the forum since I’m finding it less and less buggy the more I use it. I feel they’ve been acting on fixing the issues I’ve been reporting for weeks.

    I don’t understand why this site logs me out because of inactivity though – it’s not an online banking service or anything like that to have to keep logging in after a certain period of inactivity. I think you should be able to stay logged in indefinitely.


    Agreed. Pages will help.


    I agree and I applaud Jeremy and his team on the website as in the grand scheme of things it is still very new and I wouldn’t think they have the funds to keep throwing at it like a big corporation to make it perfect immediately. I’ve been away from it for a few weeks and noticed improvements, so we all have to be patient a bit longer


    This is one fix that would make a HUGE difference when scrolling through threads. It wasn’t an issue when the site launched, because it wasn’t that busy and the length of the threads were manageable on a single page. Some of them are getting pretty long now though. Trying to scroll down, you actually end up skipping a bunch of stuff. And it takes foreeever to go all the way down. Asked about it before, with no response. I’m sure it wasn’t a priority before. Now, it’s getting to be more common and it’s only going to get worse, if the website continues to grow.


    Only thing I can think of is if it’s a drain on server resources. Staying logged in without being active, I’m guessing it costs money. It is a colossal pain though.


    Most of the time I’m trying to scroll through the new comments. With some of the threads getting reeeeally long now, it’s easy to skip over stuff while scrolling, because there’s so much stuff on a single page. Then you have to slooowly scroll back up. It’s only going to get worse, the more successful the website gets.




    Some of these threads have been getting really long. Thread pages would be nice

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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